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Marketing is one of those things businesses know they need, but don’t have the time to do.

Businesses see marketing as needing constant attention, sucking up budget and producing lots of nice looking things which don’t appear to drive sales. Marketing spend must to translate into sales revenue. Not every marketing campaign will result in a sale, but every action should move customers through the sales funnel.

Marketing to fill up your glass

A consistent, measured, marketing campaign pays off in the long run, it takes time and a targeted approach to build a brand, every step you take adds more liquid to the glass.

That’s where I come in

I have helped lots of businesses get their marketing message out and drive sales. My no nonsense approach is working in lots of diverse industries including: Telecoms, IT Support, Web Design and Development, Business Consultancy, Financial Services, Translation, Export, Retail, Education, Renewable Energy, Audio Visual Services, Vehicle Leasing, Events and Professional Speaking.

My background as a Marketing Director who has been involved in every aspect of business, including HR, IT and Operations, means that I approach marketing from broad prospective. Each action you take from a phone call to an exhibition will have an effect on your business and can’t been seen in isolation.

My broad experience enables me to see the bigger picture, even if I’m helping with only one aspect of your marketing.

Marketing Optimist conducted a website health check for one of my businesses recently – we were delighted with the results. The report he produced was exactly what we needed: clear, comprehensive and easily actionable. Their powerful mix of skills means that they offer advice on the technical aspects that will improve SEO and gain more traffic, as well as broader marketing advice that will help convert visitors once they reach the site. Simon Walker

Owner, Simon Walker Change Consultant

The Marketing Optimist Blog

Free marketing consultation in Wakefield

I love talking to people about the plans, hopes and dreams they have for their business. Finding out how they are going to grow their organisations, what the pitfalls have been and how they plan to over come them, is easily the best part of my job. Free marketing... read more

The power of text marketing

Text messages have been around for ages, they are so ubiquitous that you almost forget they are there. Sending someone a text is a very personal thing, maybe more so than an email. You expect marketing messages via email but text feels more intrusive somehow. Not many... read more

Cooking up a new website for Cake Bakes

A few weeks ago we won the website redesign for Cake Bakes an artisan bakery based in Castleford. It was especially nice to win this project as they are a local business which we’d actually used for before for a family cake, it was delicious too. Move from WIX... read more

I’ll help you turn your marketing spend into sales revenue

There are so many things to consider when putting a marketing strategy together, that most SME owners just don’t have the time to do it themselves or budget to employ someone full-time.

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