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Or at least hide the pages which aren’t complete.

I just visited a website which on the face of it looked promising, until I begin to move through the site and found a problem.

It’s not finished

But rather than hiding pages until completion, they’ve got live pages full of dummy text. I won’t name and shame the site, that’s not fair.

If you are reading this, in full knowledge that you have pages on your site which aren’t finished or are full of dummy text, do yourself and favour and hide them now.

Set yourself a deadline to finish your website

Once you’ve done that prioritise which pages are most important to add, and which you don’t actually need (if you didn’t finish the page in the first place perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea).

Now you have a list of the pages your website, and importantly your customers, require and in which order, make a schedule and set yourself a deadline in your calendar.

Book out the time to research your subject, write the copy, find amazing photographs and illustrations, optimise the page for your visitors first and the search engines second. If you don’t do this, other projects will fill you time.

Then as each page is finished, publish it with pride to your site and share it with everyone you know, and those you don’t.

Steadily you’ll have a completed, hardworking, well ranking website. Not one full of dummy text.

Hire a professional

If the reason your website isn’t finished is that you don’t have the time or inclination to complete it, then give me a call on 07834 197785 or complete the form below.

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