Free Marketing consultation in Wakefield for your business

I love talking to people about the plans, hopes and dreams they have for their business. Finding out how they are going to grow their organisations, what the pitfalls have been and how they plan to over come them, is easily the best part of my job.

Free marketing consultation in Wakefield

Earlier this year we ran three days of Marketing consultations at Unity Works in Wakefield helping businesses people with their marketing conundrums. Each person came with a different marketing problem which needed solving. The businesses I spoke to got lots out of the sessions and used some of the ideas we discussed to improve their marketing.

Here’s what people thought to the sessions:

The consultation was relaxed and informal, not intimidating, overly technical or ‘Consultant-y’. Felt like I’d known Richard for years – highly recommend reaching out to the Marketing Optimist.

Fantastic session with Richard which gave me a number of clear ideas on how to take my business forward. Highly recommend to anyone just setting out or looking to grow an existing company.

The demand was so great that I’ve decided to make the marketing consultations a regular thing. And thanks to the generosity of the lovely people at Unity Works the sessions with be held in their lovely cafe in the centre of Wakefield.

Why do Wakefield businesses need marketing help?

A recent report carried out by Lloyds Bank benchmarking the digital maturity of small businesses and charities in the UK found that in the Yorkshire and Humber region 68% of those questioned had invested nothing in digital skills and that 48% didn’t even have a website.

Following a year of turbulence for British businesses and the uncertainty of the Brexit process, companies need to be looking at how they can use the tools they have to hand to help promote their businesses to ensure that, when trading conditions return to some kind of normality, they will have survived and thrived.

Book your free marketing consultation

Each consultation will last one hour and we can discuss any issue which you would like help with, it could be a whole marketing strategy, or a particular project you’re having problems with like email marketing, search engine optimisation or social media. Maybe you have some ideas you just want another opinion on.

Whatever it is I’ll give you my honest opinion for free, what you do with it after that is up to you, there’s no obligation at all.

To book your slot just fill in the form below, selecting the time and date you would like. Oh and let me know what type of drink you’d like so I can have it ready for you.

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