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It’s been already one month since I have started a new job role as a digital marketing assistant with The Marketing Optimist and it’s been a great experience so far. But before I tell you more about the role and the things I have accomplished in my first month with the company, let me introduce myself.

I’m Sarah Joy Landon. I am half English and half Italian and I lived in Rome before moving to Leeds almost two years ago to attend my master’s degree in International Journalism.

I always had a passion for the media and everything digital and creative. Over the years I have focused on developing skills in writing and visual media using a variety of digital platforms and tools.

But what pushed me to undertake a marketing career after my media studies? Although I initially considered pursuing a career in print journalism I soon realised that today everything has gone digital and many aspects of media production are now the same as for other industries.

My interest in digital marketing

Digital marketing intrigued me because it blends together creativity, digital media, communications, sales and more techy aspects such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). After a few experiences in the charity sector when I saw the opportunity to become an assistant at The Marketing Optimist I applied immediately!

Being a marketing assistant

In my current role my main task is to assist with the company’s marketing campaigns which span through a variety of tasks, activities and online platforms. We have several clients in a wide range of industries and each one of them has specific needs and requires different approaches. This is one of my favourite things about working here: the variety makes every day like no other and there is always something new to learn.

To help manage our client’s social web pages and media accounts I had to become confident using tools such as Hootsuite and Moz which are fantastic instruments on which I never had the chance to put my hands on before.

Every day I have the chance to fully employ my journalistic and digital skills with content writing, photo editing and creating graphics., which I really enjoy because I can put to test my creative skills with a variety of software and challenge myself in finding new solutions to give more visibility to our clients businesses.

Another of my favourite times at work, are our brainstorming sessions where we get to discuss about potential marketing campaigns ideas and challenge ourselves to think about new strategies. Who says jobs have to be hard work only? It’s a fun and stimulating activity that not only helps us come up with new solutions also but benefits our team working skills.

It’s been tough but fun

Overall, my first month at The Marketing Optimist has been hard work but also fun and a lot of learning for me, all this within an inspiring and stimulating environment where I feel like I am contributing to the development of the company and at the same time improving my skills.

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