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I recently attended the Thinking Digital Manchester conference, a day full of stories on how technology can, and will, affect every area of all our lives. Of all the amazing ideas that struck me throughout the day, and there were lots, the most striking was – Simplify.

This lesson came from Amy Zima a Product Manager at Twitter.

As you can imagine working for a leader in the tech world, there are numerous requests to add new features and ideas. Every request and idea ads a new level of complexity, conflict for resources and headaches for the project managers who have to deliver, which can ultimately lead to a losing sight of the real goal of the product.

This answers the question of why lots of Twitter’s additional features are provided by third party developers, who are happy to add the features while Twitter concentrate on their core idea.

Simplify your marketing

The same rules apply to marketing. I speak to lots of businesses who see their marketing as a very complicated process. Each has their own complications be it 1,000’s of SKU’s, a technical product which has bells and whistles everywhere, a long protracted sales process, or seeing the whole world as their market place (very few companies have this problem).

There’s a marketing solution for each of these problems and more, but very rarely is it a complex one. If you can spend a little time on simplifying your idea, product or service back to its core, then creating the marketing plan and delivering results is so much easier.

The internal wrangling is worth it

Stripping back can be a battle for people in the company who all see their requests as being the most crucial element to the product. This is why it is so important to get everyone involved in the simplifying process, once a common objective is pin-pointed the possibility of everyone buying in, and therefore backing the marketing plan to the hilt, so much easier.

If I can help you simplify your marketing, give me a call on 07834 197785 or fill in the form here.

Here’s Amy’s full talk on simplifying, if you’ve got 20 minutes or so put the kettle on and enjoy.

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