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We really love Hootsuite and we’re not being paid to say that. There are lots of social media management tools out there and we’ve tried most of them at one time or another. Hootsuite has been our tool of choice for a quite a while now simply because it can handle loads or different accounts all at once. At the moment we are looking after eight clients over covering Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and Hootsuite is making our lives so much easier.

Hootsuite new Composer Beta

This morning I logged on as usual and was presented with a new function – Composer Beta. If you have an account you’ll see the big button at the top of the screen.

We use composer a lot to help create and schedule messages for our clients. While the tool has been great for a while, we could never be sure how posts would look over different social media. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all display updates slightly differently so it could be a bit of a lottery. 

In the past this has lead to posting on individual websites one at a time so, We’ve often thought “Wouldn’t it be really handy if I could see a nice preview of how the posts will look before we go live?”

See how your posts will look across accounts

The new Composer tool in Hootsuite now comes in a full screen, giving you a much clearer view of what’s going on and how things will look. They’ve also added tools to free image website Pixabay and GIPHY which will cut down the hassle of building those meme posts everyone loves so much!

After a quick play with the tools this morning we’re pretty confident that we’ll be using Composer as part of our social media routine. The composer works in a very similar way to the one still available in Hootsuite in that you select the social media accounts you need from a dropdown list and then create so you can post to one or many accounts.

Hootsuite link tools

In composer the ability to handle links has been enhanced massively. You’ve always been able to shrink links and track inside Hootsuite using owly compression but Composer has now added the tools to be able to set Google Analytics tracking of your URLs something which would have previously involved creating the tracking links in Google and then pasting the results in to Hootsuite. With Composer you can do this right inside Hootsuite! 

Here are some screen shots so you can get an idea of how the tools work. 

HootSuite Composer beta Twitter Proof

In this shot you can see that I’ve selected three accounts, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in the composer tools on the left and the Twitter preview is on the right. Scroll down and you’ll see…

HootSuite Composer beta Facebook Proof

the preview of the Facebook post one more scroll and…

HootSuite Composer beta LinkedIn Proof

there’s LinkedIn!

To add an image from the free collection click on Open Media Library and search for what you’d like. Once you’ve got a nice image click and it’ll be added to your post.

HootSuite Composer beta images

If you’re looking to add a little life to a post Hootsuite now connects directly into GIPHY. To search there click on Free Image and the dropdown changes to GIPHY. Search for the Gif you need and off you go!

HootSuite Composer beta Gifs

When you insert links you can now set the compression of the URL and have the option for setting tracking links for Google Analytics. A brilliant addition.

HootSuite Composer Beta Google Analytics

Once you are happy with your post. You can either post right away or schedule the post to go at anytime you choose, just select from the publish options at the bottom of the screen.

HootSuite Composer beta Scheduling

Of course, if you need help with your social media campaigns we’re happy to oblige.

Give us a call on 07834 197785 or fill in to contact form below.

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