The marketing department you don't have

Marketing is one of those things businesses know they need, but don’t have the time to do.

Businesses see marketing as needing constant attention, producing lots of nice looking things which don’t drive sales. Marketing spend must translate into sales revenue. Not every marketing campaign will result in a sale, but every action should move customers through the sales funnel.

Marketing to fill up your glass

This is where a marketing consultant, like us, will devise and deliver a consistent, measured, marketing campaign pays off in the long run. It takes time and a targeted approach to build a brand, but every step you take adds more liquid to the glass. Each action you take from a phone call to an exhibition will have an effect on your business and can’t been seen in isolation.

Learn how to make Social Media work for your business

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I highly recommend working with the Marketing Optimist. Richard has become an integral part of our business. While we initially asked him to work to tight marketing brief, we quickly became aware that we should let him take the lead. His pro-active approach and in depth knowledge of digital marketing has created an ongoing demand for our products. Trusting Richard with our brand was a great decision which has benefited us enormously. 

Christian Ritson

Managing Director, Knuma

We’ll help you turn your marketing spend into sales revenue

There are so many things to consider when putting a marketing strategy together, that most business owners just don’t have the time to do it themselves. Let us help you through.

Marketing Consultation

We’ll develop your full marketing strategy, positioning and approach to ensure you have a structured measurable marketing plan.

Marketing Planning

Planning is vital to the success of any marketing strategy. We’ll help you get the most from your marketing budget and exceed your KPI’s.

Digital Marketing

Having a great website is only part of the whole digital marketing package. We’ll help you drive sales through SEO, Social Media, Email and Paid ads.

Traditional Marketing

Print, PR, Direct Mail, Events and Presentations still play a vital role in marketing and should be part of your overall armoury. We’ll help you make the most of them.

Marketing consultancy that adds value

We have helped lots of businesses get their marketing message out and drive sales. Our no nonsense approach is working in lots of diverse industries including: Recruitment, Event Planning, Manufacturing, Telecoms, IT Support, Web Design and Development, Business Consultancy, Financial Services, Translation, Export, Retail, Education, Renewable Energy, Audio Visual Services, Vehicle Leasing, Wellbeing, Catering, Property Development, PR and Professional Speaking.

Richard was the marketing department we didn’t have. He offered advice and guidance on traditional and digital marketing from google analytics to email marketing which provided the foundation for much of our marketing activity now. A great addition to the team.

Jonathan Hirst

Managing Director, Network Marketing Recruitment

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