In my last post – Marketing in uncertain times – I talked in general terms about what your business can do to stay top of mind. In this post I’m going to give 10 ways to improve your marketing, with practical examples and links to handy resources.

1. Fix your website

Websites evolve over time and that means they need cleaning out every now and then. Take a look through the pages and see which ones have old information on or have poor navigation or calls to action. Jump in and get them removed or fixed.

2. Fix all the broken links

Users and Google alike hate broken links in websites. So hunt them down and fix them – Dr Link Check is a great free tool for this.

3. Make your site FAST!

Again, what the user and Google both wants are really fast sites. Faster sites can rank higher and send better traffic.

Google Page Speed Insights is great for this, but we actually prefer to use GTMetrics

4. Review the size of your images

One of the main causes of slow websites is large images. Images should be loaded at the size they are meant to be viewed at and no bigger. So, if your site has 300dpi files that are thousands of pixels wide and deep, scale them back to the right size and resolution. 72dpi is all a screen can show, and you’ll instantly make your website faster.

5. Ensure each page has a description

If you don’t add a bespoke description to your pages, Google will do it’s best to fill one in; that’s if your page can be found at all without a description! Go to your site and ensure every page has a unique description and watch your rankings and click throughs increase.

6. Update your pages and add blogs

Google loves new content, so adding blogs regularly is a great way to get it to return and therefore help with your rankings. Not everything has to be new though. By simply reviewing your site and editing the content or updating out of date information Google will return and help your site views.

7. Make a social media plan

For all clients, we create a social media plan. That way we know what posts are going out when and we know that they align with the overall marketing strategy. We never wake up with a blank sheet of paper. Once we have a plan approved, we use Hootsuite to schedule posts, but other services are available!

8. Complete all the profile information

All social media platforms have different needs. Whatever your social channel of choice, make sure you fill in every single thing it asks for! Complete profiles will be shown more, and customers trust profiles which seem genuine and provide all the detail.

9. Be social

STOP SELLING ON EVERY POST! Social media is called that for a reason. Provide value, give a point of view, be interesting, reply and respond to posts. In short be a normal person. You’ll reap the rewards.

10. Create GREAT content

Content is still king; people want interesting things to read and watch. As per the point above, people don’t want sales shoved down their throats.


Here’s a list of great content ideas:

  • Good news stories. They may be harder to come across at the moment, but because of that they’ll resonate more. If you have a great story, make sure to share it with the press. PR isn’t scary and journalist are honestly looking for interesting business stories, particularly at time of stress.
  • Create case studies. People looking for a solution to a problem want to see how you helped others overcome a similar situation. So, keep putting these together. This brings me to the next point…
  • Ask for testimonials! There’s nothing better than a great testimonial to top off a sound case study. Don’t be afraid to ask for them and then share them on your website and on social media.
  • Video increases engagement massively. It’s now very easy to create good videos using your mobile phone. This works because it’s authentic and is very easy to share on your website, YouTube channel and social media.
  • Webinars are the new meeting. Due to social distancing, having a physical meeting isn’t a great idea anymore, but using tools like Zoom means that meetings can come to you. The massive benefits are that your meetings can now be recorded, you can have loads of interaction and can have international coverage.

I really hope that this blog has given you a good list of jobs you can tackle to get your marketing moving. If there’s anything we can help you with, please fill in the form below or call us on 0113 477 1210.