Another little gem of a podcast

By: Richard Michie

I have an obsession with Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible podcast. This perfectly crafted gem is now weekly and is well worth downloading from the podcast provider of your choice. I use iTunes (clearly I’m not paid to say that at all). 

Radiotopia – Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything.

99% Invisible is now part of Radiotopia, amazing name and amazing vocal ident that gets right in your head (radio tooopiaaaa + dreamy effect and high voice, you have to hear it). Radiotopia is collection of podcast from PRX (Public Radio Exchange) in the states, I’ve started branching out from 99% in search of other gems and this morning I sampled Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything.

A grand title which the show lives up to. The latest program “When your’re lonely, life is very long” took me through a range of emotions on my drive across Leeds. Flash backs to my time living alone in a loft flat in Roundhay, and thoughts on the death of my sister. While all this may sound a bit maudlin for a 26 minute drive on a Monday morning, I can tell you it was anything but. I won’t spoil the show for you, here’s the link so you can immerse yourself in it. 

After this thought popping show I skipped back to the first of Benjamen’s shows – The Cloud, Part one of Three – To learn not just how and why the cloud works (you get which cloud I mean, don’t you) but the environmental effect through the use of Rare Earths, like Neodymium, which are in pretty much every electronic device in the world and are mined almost exclusively in China.

If you’ve read my previous post on – 8 Podcasts which will make your drive so much better – then lets make it 9.

Interested in speaking to The Optimists?

Right from the beginning of our time working with The Marketing Optimist, they’ve taken the time and effort to get to understand Sharp Consultancy as a business and not just a client. We’ve seen a huge increase in the effectiveness of our social media strategy, particularly on Linkedin and we’re delighted with the impact it’s had on the business.

Jamie Caulfield

Regional Director, Sharp Consultancy

It was a pleasure to work with The Marketing Optimist on this project. It felt like a true collaborative effort on the day and they made the interviewee's feel at ease whilst talking about their journey on our RISE programme. The final video was professional and engaging, we have received great feedback around the quality and creativity of the case study. Including the video in our presentation made it come to life, with real humans sharing their stories, so thank you to the Marketing Optimist!

Hannah Prole

Impact Manager, Better Connect Limited

Case Studies


Marketing for Local Government

Moresby Hall Hotel

Hotel Rebranding

Sharp Consultancy

B2B Social Media for recruitment

The Edit LDN

Managing advanced eCommerce SEO

Better Connect

Digital PR and video production for events

Tango Networks

Marketing support for a global telecoms business

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