A prescription for great content marketing

By: Richard Michie

Creating a healthy amount of marketing content is a beautiful thing. Labouring long and hard on a piece of content is tough going, but if it hits a sweet spot it’s really worth the effort.

How to create great content marketing

Too many people see writing their content and sharing it once as the start and end of the process.

It’s like spending years writing a book, putting your heart and soul into it, working on a beautiful cover, checking all the details and having it proofread, beautifully printed and bound in the thousands, talking about it once for 10 minutes but then locking all the copies away in a warehouse never to be seen again.

That’s what too many businesses do.

There are a few reasons for this

Shiny New Thing Syndrome – where last week’s work was lovely and all, but I got a new shiny thing!

Promotion Spam-itis – where you’re convinced that everyone has seen the content and is sick of it.

The Shiny New Thing Syndrome

This is just human nature, what you did last week, last month or last year is well… so last year. I get it, you need new content new ideas, you’re bored of what you did before, the idea feels stale – let’s do it again.

The problem with Shiny New Thing Syndrome is that it takes a load of effort to produce great new ideas you never had before.

Much better to ensure you have a few solid ideas you want to work around and stick to those consistently over time.

Promotion Spam-itis

When you look at your own promotional calendar (you do have one don’t you?) do you get bored of seeing the same messages you posted a few weeks ago?

Do you think, our customers will have seen these already?

Do you always right new posts each time, regardless of the fact that your stats (you check those right?) might tell you that one piece of content is much better than all the others?

When you look at your own feed, in isolation, it’s very easy to think you are posting too often, with the same messages over and over, and people will be bored.

It’s not the case. Here’s why.

There are billions of people on the planet, if your business is very lucky you have 100 of them as customers, if you’re really lucky you may have thousands, not many are lucky enough to have millions, but they exist.

On social media the same applies, you may have 100’s, thousands or millions (well done) of followers, but only a small proportion of them will see your posts, never mind every post.

Same applies to your blog, you might be bored with seeing the post there from last year, but not everyone has seen it. And just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s bad. If it’s out of date, update it, or make amends saying why it’s no longer relevant.

So how can you cure – Shiny New Thing Syndrome and Promotion Spam-itis

Shiny New Thing Syndrome

Create marketing campaigns

Every business needs a clear focus on what it does for its clients. In our case we help with Marketing. Marketing comes in many flavours, but we focus on marketing strategy, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media, paid advertising and marketing training. Now if we just carried on about all those incessantly, we’d be very dull. So, we work our content in and around those services with a reflection back to them. To do this with a focus, we create marketing campaigns.

That means we take an idea from one of our services and we focus on it for a while. For the bigger elements we’re constantly posting about them but for the more niche details we might speak about them for a month at a time.

Add your campaigns to your marketing content calendar and then stick to it.

Campaigns make you look dead cool too. Think Cadburys’ Gorilla ad

Having it written down and planned helps with the symptoms of Shiny New Thing Syndrome

What about Promotion Spam-itus?

The first thing is to ignore what looks like repetition and to trust that using your best post again (even a few times) is a great idea.

In the good old days of Direct Mail, before the internet (none of you remember that) we had ‘Banker’ packs, these were the ones that got the best results, and we’d continue to use these until we could find a better performing one, through testing.

Stick to your banker content, while testing to find a better one, keep that in you plan and keep cycling it.

Chop up your content and redeploy it in different formats. Once you’ve written your content, don’t just leave it there. There’s so much you can do, here are some ideas

  • Take each subhead and para and create a social post around them
  • Convert your content into infographics
  • Read it out as a podcast
  • Video yourself reading it
  • Take the main points and create a slide show, LinkedIn loves these, and the slides can easily be turned into a video
  • Turn the content into a webinar
  • Write each paragraph in tweets – 240 characters – and tweet the whole post in chunks, linking back to the original
  • Re-publish to Medium, LinkedIn Articles or Facebook
  • Craft a poll around the main points of the post

There are loads of other ways you can cut up and repurpose your content to get loads of value and not get bored with it.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas on how to detect and cure these two marketing ailments. But if you need more advice give us a call on 0113 477 1210 or fill in the form and we’ll arrange a marketing consultation.

Interested in speaking to The Optimists?

Right from the beginning of our time working with The Marketing Optimist, they’ve taken the time and effort to get to understand Sharp Consultancy as a business and not just a client. We’ve seen a huge increase in the effectiveness of our social media strategy, particularly on Linkedin and we’re delighted with the impact it’s had on the business.

Jamie Caulfield

Regional Director, Sharp Consultancy

It was a pleasure to work with The Marketing Optimist on this project. It felt like a true collaborative effort on the day and they made the interviewee's feel at ease whilst talking about their journey on our RISE programme. The final video was professional and engaging, we have received great feedback around the quality and creativity of the case study. Including the video in our presentation made it come to life, with real humans sharing their stories, so thank you to the Marketing Optimist!

Hannah Prole

Impact Manager, Better Connect Limited

Case Studies


Marketing for Local Government

Moresby Hall Hotel

Hotel Rebranding

Sharp Consultancy

B2B Social Media for recruitment

The Edit LDN

Managing advanced eCommerce SEO

Better Connect

Digital PR and video production for events

Tango Networks

Marketing support for a global telecoms business

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