August 1st is of course Yorkshire Day! This year we’re celebrating God’s Own County by asking people why they love working and running their business in Yorkshire.

Celebrating Yorkshire Business

We’ll be releasing videos throughout the day on social media, make sure you follow #YORBIZTOUR to keep up with them as we post.

You might even see us around Leeds on Yorkshire Day with our selfie frame. If you do pop over and tell us why you love working in Yorkshire and we’ll feature you in our posts.

The tour is already gathering momentum with coverage in Business Quarter and the Yorkshire Post

Here’s a sneak preview of who we’ve spoken to so far, there’s more to come. To find out what they say follow #YORBIZTOUR on social media on August 1st.

Tom Riordan, Chris Allen, Anna Sutton, Dr Jackie Mulligan, Gary Butterfield, Karen Burns, Thomas Pomfrett, Jo Fordham, Martin Avison, Rich Sutcliffe, Natasha Babar-Evans, Mark Walsh, Judith Blake., Jodie Hill, Lauren York, Zainah Kahn, Tim Collins and Anita Zhang.

Header Photo Credit: Gary Butterfield on Unsplash