Defining a Marketing Strategy

A Case Study

Defining a Marketing Strategy for Renaissance

Renaissance offer the finest quality curtain accessories for contractors, retailers and interior designers who need to meet exacting specifications, budgets and deadlines. Established over 25 years ago, Renaissance has a workforce of over 40 people based in their Leeds head office.

Renaissance are well established in their market and have an enviable reputation as an innovative, reliable and customer focused business. The company’s roots in the curtain accessory market come from dealing with small to medium sized companies who resell their ranges or utilise them in building contracts.

The management team identified that they wanted to secure long term contracts with larger suppliers, whilst retaining and growing their core customer base, to ensure that they were not overly reliant on the smaller end of their market.

To achieve this a marketing strategy and function was required to guide the business in the direction it wished to travel. This resource was unavailable internally, so Renaissance turned to The Marketing Optimist for help.

Identifying the Customer Personas

The business already knew who its customer base was, and had already segmented them into Retail, Design and Contract.

The problem was that though everyone internally agreed the difference between the markets, there were differences of opinion on how Renaissance could meet their requirements and solve their individual problems.

To solve this, we created a customer persona for each of the main business areas and sat down with the sales, marketing and operational teams to flesh them out. A lot of information came out from these sessions, we unearthed issues which had never been aired before, and developed a much greater understanding of the customer base.

Customer personas form a corner stone for all Renaissance’s marketing strategy moving forward and the live documents, will enable them to fine tune plans into the future.

Defining a Marketing strategy

Renaissance had successfully marketed their business using a traditional account management approach. Connections and contracts had been built on trust, mutual agreement, using a one size fits all catalogue, face to face meetings and a firm hand shake.

This approach had helped Renaissance get to the enviable position they found themselves in and they wanted to build on that ethos, but enable their teams to be more efficient and effective.

Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing

With a long-established customer base and an enviable retention rate, the last thing Renaissance wanted to do was abandon these customers who were more than happy to work in the traditional way of using a catalogue as a reference to complete orders over the phone and via email. However, they had a large number of clients who required a more modern way to interact and buy from the business.

Defining a Clear Marketing Strategy

The solution to this was the development of a website which would allow customers to browse it in a similar fashion to a brochure before ordering traditionally. With a further phase to enable an e-commerce function to customers to update account details and enable online purchases using agreed trade prices.

The website is supported by traditional catalogue marketing but with a much more targeted offering featuring key lines tailored for each market.

In this way customers are delivered a much neater message which resolves the problems they require the curtain poles and accessories to solve. Other add-on and peripheral sales will be managed via the website.

This marketing strategy will enable Renaissance to target their higher worth customers more effectively whilst still ensuring they don’t lose customers from their core audience.

Enabling Internal Resources

In tandem with the marketing strategy, planning and tactics, I assisted Renaissance to recruit a new marketing manager to join the team to help keep the business on track to meet their milestones. This involved helping to define the role, responsibilities and KPI’s required, shortlisting candidates and forming part of the interview panel.

A successful candidate was secured for the role and Renaissance are looking forward to exceeding their ambitious growth targets.

The Marketing Optimist will continue to support the team at Renaissance as they move through the next phase of their development.

The Marketing Optimist, came from recommendation from a mutual business acquaintance, and has definitely added value to our marketing operation; helping to unravel and interpret much of what we knew but were struggling to define.

An external set of eyes always helps to clarify what seems obvious to you, but is a fog or ‘noise’ to anyone else.

I’m glad to recommend their services for anyone who needs some guidance or consultancy or help on a marketing project. The Marketing Optimist experience transcends just marketing.

Ben Smaldon

Direcctor, Renaissance

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