Developing A Marketing Strategy

A Case Study

Developing and Constantly Refining a Marketing Strategy for YourBigPic.

YourBigPic is the business of People and Business Development specialist Martin Johnson. Providing Programmes, Workshops and their flagship Big Picture Kits to organisations of all shapes and sizes, YourBigPic work to develop organisations and their talent, with a people-first approach, and Employee Engagement at the centre of everything they do.

Offering products and services already utilised in the boardrooms of national house-hold brands such as Specsavers and Vodafone, Martin had created a huge arsenal of content applying to the many growing facets of the business. Much of this content was online, much of it unfortunately going unnoticed.


YourBigPic came to The Marketing Optimist to increase awareness of the brand, accelerate demand for its products and services and increase conversions.

The Marketing Optimist got to work, conducting a thorough audit of the YourBigPic website, their products, services, their enormous library of content, and a range of documents they had supplied us. These documents ranged from PDF documents relating to the business services, case studies, customer/client personas, and initiatives that were either in motion, had been attempted, or were set for future deployment.

Target One – From Content to Cohesion

Our first target was to identify the different areas of the business, and extract the client’s existing content that related to those areas we needed to expose.

On a whiteboard covering the length of a board-room wall, we started with the highest-value services and products YourBigPic offered. Their Programmes, Workshops and Kits (the Big Picture tool in various forms). These elements were to be our conversion points. This is where we wanted our marketing to lead the audience.

From our extensive website audit, we extracted the many unique elements that, once incorporated into our marketing, would differentiate YourBigPic from other B2B businesses selling professional services and products. A highly distinctive set of Key Messages, and the Laws of Engagement, penned by Founder Martin and underpinning the business’s entire output.

Exploring the huge amounts of content, it was clear that we had lots to play with. Much of the content was of a high-quality, and while the client had invested heavily in video equipment and facilities, they had collated quite a library of video content. Extracting the videos we deemed to be the most marketable, we added this to our board.

We were searching for the content that concisely described the utility, application and benefits of the product, and how it could be used.

Finding the content to be a little more “top-end” considering the broad and extensive nature of the Big Picture product, we felt it potentially assumed a little too much of the audience. However, with the copy we could provide wherever the content appeared, we felt we could make it more accessible, until we could direct the client to create the content we felt was needed.

Target Two – From Bare Bones to Strategy

After this initial audit/planning stage, with a skeletal plan forming, it became clear what our role ought to be.

To realign the digital offering entirely. To establish cohesion. To reintroduce the business’s audience, and the new members we intended to drive to them, to YourBigPic and its services, whilst distilling down the broad nature and vast benefits of the Big Picture product.

Under the titles Website and Social Media, we began to take all that we had extracted to form a plan.

Starting with the client’s website, we detailed developmental changes, ideas for additional pages, content we felt should be added, elements raised in salience, and changes to the copy of varying severity, to strengthen the client’s offering, positioning, and increase conversions.

Establishing that the client’s most effective platform would likely be LinkedIn, but having gained control of their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels also, we planned three initial approaches to Social Media Marketing.

The first simply exposed the clear benefits of organisations using Big Picture, and working with YourBigPic in the form of People and Business Development Programmes and Workshops. We proposed that this messaging be accompanied by the photographs of the different versions of the Big Picture tool, and of those using it.

The second approach, which we intended to run in conjunction with the first, differed slightly from platform to platform in order to take advantage of the functions of each, and to offer maximum value and several options to the client. This series of posts would utilise the clients Key Message videos.

For Facebook and Twitter, we planned to simply encapsulate the key messages in well-crafted, accessible copy, but provide a link to a newly developed page, tailored to either People Development or Business Development professionals to increase conversions in both these areas of the client’s business. Using hashtags on Twitter to target the professionals relevant to each particular Key Message.

Regarding LinkedIn, we planned to target posts more directly to the professionals and decision makers we were trying to reach by using hashtags, and by turning the key message in each video into a question relevant to the target’s business area.

On Instagram, we intended to showcase the wealth of content YourBigPic had amassed. Due to the visual nature of the Big Picture product, we felt it a useful platform. Unsure if our target audience were using the platform, we conducted hashtag research to find many of the client’s keywords were used regularly in search. We planned to expose the Key Message Videos with short, snappy copy, targeted using rather general business hashtags, as well as the client’s keywords.

The third approach to marketing YourBigPic across Social Media relied on the Coffee BI Videos, the only content detailing the Big Picture product in action. We detailed that we’d take an educatory tone, picking out the social proof (the nature of business intelligence) as a nudge, and promote the client’s simplification of business’ toughest processes, Employee Engagement and People and Business Development.

Before bringing the client into the room to talk them through our initial thoughts, and to develop some ideas together, we compiled some extra points we felt the client hadn’t thought of to increase sales, refine positioning, and raise brand awareness.

These included turning The Laws of Engagement into a book, and encouraging YourBigPic Founder Martin to seek speaking opportunities, both in the physical space and in the remote/webinar arena. This could help broaden the awareness of his approach, and build his network and customer/client base in the process.

Results and Constant Refinements

For a number of months, the elements of this plan we chose to move forward helped us to reposition YourBigPic, and gain engagement in their products and services with cohesive and coherent marketing.

Introducing Webinars into the marketing mix, which explore common issues businesses face in the areas of People and Business Development with the Big Picture tool, we began to see enquiries and engagement soar. It became apparent there was a real appetite for Martin’s remote facilitation and expertise.

With The Marketing Optimist constantly developing new content ideas for our clients, we produced detailed shot lists for the client to direct them to produce the content we saw was missing from the offering. This video content started as “how-to” videos featuring the Big Picture product, but has spanned to video content regarding Martin’s approach, and even a series regarding how his home environment inspires his thinking.

This very holistic approach to content is entirely appropriate for a business with so many facets, and with such deep thinking behind it. Each different video series/content piece enabled us to target and engage a different kind of audience.

We also brought Newsletters into the mix, managing the client’s CRM and the craft and dissemination of these emails. Producing one email a week for YourBigPic, we produced a typical newsletter promoting the many initiatives we were continually standing up the client, and a second to those who’d gauged their interest in the previous Webinar.

In our work for YourBigPic, these refinements never cease, but towards the end of 2019, at the point when all the above elements were in motion and our working process had been established, we produced a 2020 strategy for the client.

2020 Marketing Strategy

After gaining clearance from the client, and deepening the plan for the following year, we began to stand up the new additions to our output.

With the clients’ Webinars a resounding success, we began to market public People & Business Development Workshops. Providing shot lists in order to capture the content required, and attending the shoots to direct accordingly, we captured a huge amount of content to leverage, and crafted complete copy for an event brochure.

Making developmental changes to the clients’ Website to support live events, and integrating with their Eventbrite pages, we attended the events to collect content for post-event marketing, such as show reel-style videos.

Introducing a Digital Big Picture Kit to the clients’ product line, we took a different approach to content here, requesting screen record-style videos, with audio, demonstrating how it might be used. We also suggested this same approach with a team of people using it/reflecting upon it.

Similarly, we developed the Kits page of the YourBigPic website, not only adding the product as an option for prospective customers, but producing a landing page with full copy detailing the many benefits, pricing structure etc. The URL to this page was used in all social media marketing associated with the Digital Kit.

To promote the Digital Kit, Martin offered free, remote, 90-minute Business Development sessions, using the new tool, to organisations wishing to develop their current focus. We marketed this offer alongside the general Digital Kit marketing across social media, and the fortnightly Newsletter we produced.

With our client continually enhancing their offering, we demonstrated our commitment to reactivity by standing up all this, as well as the client’s new range of eLearning training in the first few months of the year.

Having undertaken this eLearning training ourselves in order to effectively market its content, we created detailed shot lists to direct video content, and overlooked the development of the clients’ Academy website page.

With two distinct courses for two different audiences, our social media marketing targeted the relevant professionals, and outlined the benefits of both to professionals and organisations alike.

Agility in Adversity

Both The Marketing Optimist and YourBigPic displayed great agility as coronavirus swept the UK.

Introducing a second series of Webinars, these remote sessions provided a more personalised facilitated experience for attendees, and an income stream for our client, as we proposed these be paid webinars.

Enhancing their public People and Business Development Workshops for remote delivery, YourBigPic asked us to ensure their audience were aware of how they were tackling the business hiatus, and the extended remote opportunities newly available for them to take advantage of.

YourBigPic are receiving more engagement than ever, increasing their number of attendees month by month, and using the vehicles we’ve put in place to build valuable connections with organisations as well as, People & Business Development and L&D professionals.


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