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Have you found PR to be an inaccessible, or unaffordable endeavour, with unknown and uncertain rewards?

Are you looking to work with a trusted, transparent Digital PR agency, to demystify the service, and open up the digital world of PR to your business/brand?

At The Marketing Optimist, our Digital PR services are accessible to all businesses, cover both digital and print publications, and deliver measurable results. The world of physical and digital PR is your oyster. With our help.

Digital PR requires a number of individual factors to work together seamlessly. Though a digital PR campaign is greater than the sum of its parts, each element involved in its conception, creation and delivery is essential to its success. This is what we do.

In short, we work with you to identify a strong PR strategy, before crafting the perfect press release, delivered via the optimal delivery vehicle, to the right journalists, at the perfect publications for your business. But, first things first.

What is Digital PR?

Just like traditional PR, digital PR is the art of cultivating a positive reputation with the public, and your target audience, through creative and innovative earned media. As strategic specialists, we craft considered and effective PR strategies, with the power to build brand credibility, position you in your industry, and ensure the right message is delivered to your existing and potential consumers.

Our online PR services not only increase your brand’s exposure, and establish and build credibility for your brand, but help to build backlinks within authoritative publications, improving your SEO, and your site’s domain authority. As a digital PR agency able to combine a strong marketing strategy with effective digital PR services, we can help aid your business growth and open new opportunities.

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Our Tailored Approach to Digital PR

At The Marketing Optimist, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We use our expertise and knowledge to build a strong digital PR strategy that speaks to your business’s aims and objectives, and helps to create the opportunities to achieve them.

In the early stages of the project, we’ll spend time getting to know you, diving into your brand, your business, how it operates, your upcoming events, and your desired outcomes, to enable us to create an effective, digital PR plan, 100% tailored to your unique business.

We believe the role of a digital PR agency spans beyond this, which is why we consistently seek PR opportunities with which to bolster your brand, help position you in your industry, and ensure you’re involved in the right ‘conversations’ relating to your specialist field.

Open to getting creative? The Marketing Optimist team blend creativity with strong, effective strategy, it’s what we do day to day, perfectly positioning us for more bold and disruptive digital PR campaigns that align with your business goals and deliver results.

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How Does a Digital PR Agency Like Us Make Your Coverage Click?

One of the most crucial factors in a successful PR campaign is building relationships between your organisation and the media.

In our years of liaising with both regional and national digital media publications, we’ve nurtured relationships with journalists who trust in our ability to provide high quality content. This established credibility, along with a well-crafted press release, is key to gaining as many placements as possible, in the perfect titles for your business and industry.

At The Marketing Optimist, we have invested in several industry-leading tools that enable us to receive instant alerts and requests from journalists, as soon as they’re made, allowing us to be highly reactive to opportunities. We also have access to journalist contact details, their interests, and the topics they write about, to help us tailor our press releases, and pitch accordingly.

We make it our goal to nurture our relationships with journalists, and other media professionals, to develop and strengthen our authority and credibility as a go-to digital PR agency, and to facilitate our access to the perfect publications for your brand’s messaging.

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Our Process

Press Releases

Many things occur within your organisation that are worth shouting about. Whether it’s a new product, an event, a charity project, brand collaborations, a new appointment, client win, business growth, or funding etc. PR opportunities pop up all the time.

There are also things happening within your industry, and conversations being had, on a regular basis, providing opportunity for specialists like you to lend your opinion, provide a narrative or counter-narrative, or to help position your business by being part of a bigger conversation.

As both a full service marketing, and digital PR agency, our experienced copywriters are skilled in crafting detailed, on-brand, high-level copy for even the most technical, niche, or specialist businesses, enabling them to craft publish-ready press releases, every time.

The delivery of our press releases is an essential part of the process, and we take time to select the perfect medium of delivery for your business, campaign, and the topic of your press release, for the specific, hand-selected journalists receiving it. A highly effective way to maximise exposure.


Features are a powerful way to highlight your products or services in digital media publications.

We keep up to date with which journalists are writing about what topics, the industries they specialise in, and the PR landscape around your specialism, to first help identify the perfect feature opportunities, then tailor an expert pitch that will have journo’s snatching for the chance to write about you.


The old saying, “people buy from people”, still rings true today. In fact, the social media age, and the rise of influencers, has made this abundantly clear. We believe it’s the role of a digital PR agency to ensure this principle is applied to digital PR strategy, to bring a human touch, and flair, to even the most ‘dry’ commercial topics.

Our industry-leading tools, and the relationships we’ve nurtured, provide us insight into the latest interview and profile opportunities, which we leverage to showcase your brand, and the person, or people, behind it.

TV & Radio

At The Marketing Optimist, we believe the role of a digital PR agency, spans beyond just written online news outlets.

We recognise the kind, and quality, of news stories that both publication, and broadcast media, are interested in.

This understanding enables us to craft and pitch your messaging to appeal to radio and TV, and our knowledge and network of contacts provides us access to arrange appearances, or even visits to your site, helping to spread your message further.

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I would highly recommend working with the team at The Marketing Optimist. They took the time to understand our programmes, our values and what is important to us. I loved their creativity in helping us reach our audience. The friendly approach of the whole team made The Marketing Optimist feel like an extension of our organisation. Thank you for your support

Natasha Babar-Evans

CEO, Better Connect

Digital PR Case Studies

British Recycled Plastic

Digital PR campaigns to raise profile in their target markets.

Better Connect

Digital PR and video production for events

Tango Networks

Marketing support for a global telecoms business

I initially hired The Marketing Optimist to do some individual and small group training on certain detailed aspects of specific social media platforms; tasks at which they excelled, generating very positive feedback from my team, both for their style and technical knowledge.

This gave me confidence to let him handle the British Recycled Plastic PR brief for a trial period of three months, however, based on his excellent results, I was delighted to renew the contract on a continuous rolling basis.

Jason Elliot

Managing Director, British Recycled Plastic

Frequently Asked Digital PR Questions

Backlinks? SEO? What’s the relationship between this and digital PR?

The relationship between Digital PR and SEO is an essential one to understand. Just like search engines are looking for optimised sites, to assess and rank in terms of quality and useful content, a backlink is another “vote of confidence”, signalling to search engines that other, authoritative websites are vouching for your content.

How do you, as a digital PR agency, secure backlinks in digital publications?

Often, publications who include a link to a company’s website in the piece, include a “no follow” link. While this still helps to generate traffic to your website, it doesn’t have the same power as a “follow link”, or a backlink, which helps to increase your domain authority, and increase your rankings. 

Because backlinks are so valuable, they’re not given out easily. While the credibility of the digital PR agency goes a long way to securing backlinks, we also add a request for a “follow” backlink in our notes to editors, and include links in the press releases we deliver to journalists (to give a strong hint). 

However, we find the most effective way to secure backlinks is to build the campaign around a requirement for the journalist to link away from the piece, for the audience’s context. For example, a page on your website/blog might contain statistics pertinent to the press release, or an offer, competition etc.

We’ve worked with a digital PR agency in the past, and haven’t seen results. Can we see some of the metrics you’ve generated in previous campaigns?

Our Founder, Richard Michie, is always happy to talk to you about the kinds of digital PR campaigns we’ve previously ran, and their results. Simply get in touch with us to arrange a call. Until then, explore this digital PR case study.

Will my business be committed to a particular contract length?

With digital PR, we tend to quote for a project or campaign. The time length of the campaign will depend on your budget, the desired scale of your campaign drive, and our eventual digital PR strategy, which will be established early in the process.

Who will my business be working with?

Our Founder, Richard Michie, will guide you through the briefing, strategy stages, and results stages of the process. Our Copywriter and Content Manager, Chris Fox, will craft your publish-ready press release, working with you to deliver your message in the most effective way. 

Do you hold regular meetings with us to discuss the progress and results of our digital PR campaigns?

We’ll hold regular Zoom meetings with you through the initial briefing and strategy processes, to enable us to learn from you, align both parties in the same mode of thinking, help you understand our proposed digital PR strategy, and answer any questions you may have. 


As our tools notify us that you’ve received coverage, we’ll update you by email, so you can see campaign progress in real time, and celebrate the little wins along the way. We keep a detailed log of all placements, publications, and the URL’s to each, and share this document with you upon the campaign’s completion.

While our main focus is Digital PR, my business needs additional marketing support in other areas. Can you help?

More than just a digital PR agency we can absolutely help you with any other area of your marketing, from Marketing Strategy, to SEO, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Strategy, PPC, and Website Design and Development. Though we’d need to provide you with a separate proposal for the additional support you require.