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How can a Digital PR Agency help your business?

PR is the art of cultivating a positive reputation with the public and your target audience, through creative and innovative earned media. A well-crafted and thought out PR strategy has the power to build credibility for your brand, whilst also ensuring the right message is getting across to both your existing and potential customers.

Our online PR services facilitate not only increased exposure and credibility for your brand, but help to build links within authoritative publications, helping to improve your SEO. Together with a strong marketing strategy, Digital PR can aid business growth and open new opportunities.

Tailored for your business

We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach, that is why we use our expertise and knowledge to build a strategy that suits your business’ aims and objectives. In the early stages, we spend time getting to know you and your brand, as well as learning about your upcoming events and your desired outcomes, so that we may prepare a Digital PR planner tailored to you.

We also spend time researching relevant national awareness days, awards ceremonies, feature opportunities and conferences that will boost your businesses’ credibility and exposure.

Media Relations

The most crucial part of online PR is building a strong relationship between your organisation and the media. Journalists need to trust that the information they are receiving is of a high standard and is factually correct. Through our years of liaising with both regional and national media, we’ve built up great relationships and Journalists feel confident in our ability to provide high quality content.

We’ve invested in several industry-leading tools that allow us to receive instant alerts and requests from journalists as soon as they require information about your industry. We also have access to Journalist contact details, interests and what they’re writing about meaning we can prepare pitches for your brand accordingly.

We make it our goal to regularly meet with Journalists, and other media professionals, to ensure that our relationships remain strong, and that our Digital PR campaigns are placed in the optimal publications.

Press Releases

Many things happen within your organisation that are worth shouting about. Whether it’s a new product, an event, a charity project, a new appointment, a client win or an impressive year of growth, we can help. Our expertise means we can create press-ready news releases and distribute it to the correct outlets, securing positive coverage.


By keeping up to date with what the Journalists within your industry are writing about, we know exactly who to approach to secure a feature for your product or service. We’ll create an expert pitch that will have journalists wanting to write about you.

Profiles & Interviews

People buy from people. It’s an old saying but it still rings true today. We keep up to date with all the latest interview and profile opportunities that allow you to showcase the person behind your brand.

TV/Radio Appearances

Recognising the news that broadcast media are interested in is part of our service to you. If you tell us about something huge, we know exactly who to target and how to sell your story. We the knowledge and the contacts to arrange radio interviews, TV appearance and even visits to your site.

Press Office – Results of our Digital PR services

New Partnerships – Key West Pest Control

When Key West Pest Control received a letter from a troubled homeowner about the treatment of bees at the hands of homeowners who were refused help by pest control companies, a ready-made story fell in our laps. Key West had always protected bees, directing callers with a bee problem to their local bee keeping association, but felt they could do more to ensure these important creatures were protected. Partnering with Leeds Beekeeping Association, Key West were able to begin offering Leeds callers with a trusted solution, to help protect the UK’s many species of bee. 

Contributions  – Key West Pest Control

As the UK was plunged into lockdown conditions, we helped Key West lobby for Key Worker Status, launch a new Antibacterial Mist Treatment to help businesses protect again Coronavirus, and ensure residential calls remained constant throughout the unusual period. Digital PR was crucial in achieving this, and providing an industry position for Key West that attracted the major news titles. The Sun asked Key West founder Sean McClean to comment on the spike in rat activity since lockdown began. 

Business Wins – Day One Technologies

When West Yorkshire eLearning company Day One Technologies secured a £100K contract to provide bespoke eLearning solutions to a consortium of organisations in the Health Care and Academic sectors, we helped to spread the news. Helping to position them in their industry, with placements in tech publications, and build awareness of their brand and services, with placements in local business press, Digital PR has helped Day One to reach enormous numbers of prospective customers. 

Business Success – Day One Technologies

Growing from strength to strength, Day One Technologies were appointed to drive Mercedes-Benz towards superior Customer Relations with their bespoke eLearning solutions. Keen to maintain the momentum of the Digital PR we provide them, we were quick to get the word out! Of course, when the local press heard that Yorkshire business working with one of the world’s automotive giants, they were keen to sweep the story.

Business Growth – Wizu Workspace

When Wizu Workspace acquired a Sheffield Landmark to transform into a multi-million-pound shared office/co-working space, we helped them spread the news. Coverage like this helped us to put Wizu’s Sheffield facility firmly on the map for those in the thriving Sheffield business community.

PR was also central to the success of launch night, helping us to ensure the night was a resounding success, attended by key players from the city and beyond. Read more about Wizu’s growth in The Yorkshire Times.

Launching New Services – Wizu Workspace

When the Coronavirus pandemic plunged the UK into lockdown conditions, Wizu Workplace sprung into action to provide their many members, across their five sites of serviced offices and co-working spaces, with valuable virtual services to support them through the difficult period. Providing a digital support network for businesses, at a time when normality had disappeared for everyone, the press were keen to help us spread Wizu’s offering throughout the county via local business press.

Profile building in Trade Press

Building credibility for business leaders is a key part of digital PR. Alex Morrison, founder and CEO of BrightCloud Group had never been featured in the Telecoms Trade Press before, so we pitched him in to Comms Dealer Magazine as part of one of their regular, “Just a minute with…” features.

Resulting in a double page spread in the print publication and a digital profile which will stay around for a long time and build his story.

New Appointments – BrightCloud

When our clients expand their team, we make it known! This is just one marketing and PR campaign we ran for BrightCloud Group. Keen to amplify their growth, we used Digital PR to raise awareness of their expansion, securing placements in both local business press, and industry specific publications. 

Success Stories – BrightCloud

When BrightCloud became the first company in the UK to become a Channel Only Cisco Partner, we knew that this was big news in the UK telecoms and tech industries and local business community. Coverage like this, helped us to secure BrightCloud’s position as a leader in their industry.

Promotions – Hillside Fisheries

Digital PR can be a fantastic way to raise awareness of promotions, even for hyper-local campaigns. Hillside Fisheries is a Fish & Chip Shop in Ackworth Yorkshire and is hugely popular with the local community. We run social media and PR campaigns, often in tandem, for Hillside, which result in mass participation in their promotions. As a proud Yorkshire business, it was fitting that we ran a Yorkshire Day promotion. Who’d have thought it? There are a lot of Whippet owners in the greater Ackworth area! 

The Yorkshire Day campaign gained Hillside Fisheries coverage in The Mirror in print, Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Evening Post and the Pontefract and Castleford Express.

Launches – Hillside Fisheries

We’ve been working with Hillside Fisheries since it was brought back from the flames. A Fish & Chip Shop has stood at 27 Barnsley Road in Ackworth for 70 years, and when Charlie of Hillside decided to return the spot to its former glory, he came to us for his Social Media Marketing and Digital PR. Upon helping to launch Hillside Fisheries, we leaned heavily on it’s rich history, and local press loved it! 

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