Helping Better Connect with Digital PR for Events

Better Connect is a non-profit organisation which aims to create a Yorkshire where every person is empowered to thrive in their life and work. Better Connect partners with organisations across all sectors, with a particular focus and specialism of supporting and strengthening organisations from the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors.

Since June 2004, Better Connect have made over 200,000 grants, and awarded over £9 billion, to projects that have benefited millions of people.
For the last 5 years, the organisation has been running a programme called ‘Action Towards Inclusion’. The ATI project has received £13.2m of funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund as part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England.

ATI Participants are paired with a mentor, from one of Better Connect’s 30 partnering organisations, selected based on the person’s unique needs, personal background, interests, and location, to personally guide them through the programme.

Enter The Marketing Optimist, and our expertise in digital PR for events, to tell the wider Yorkshire community about their achievements.

Using Digital PR for Events to Celebrate the Impact of ATI

ATI has made a huge difference to the lives of many people in York, North Yorkshire and the East Riding region, and the team at Better Connect wanted to celebrate the amazing achievements of the programme, and increase awareness of ATI.

To achieve this, we combined our expertise in digital PR for events, and in video creation, to create press releases, and a professional video covering their celebration event (held on October 11th at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate), to raise awareness of ATI and its impact.

Digital pr coverage for the event in BDaily

​Video and Digital PR for Events

We met with the team, to talk through how they were going to be celebrating ATI’s achievements, and began to form a plan for how the event would be best represented in this medium.

We worked closely with trusted suppliers on this project – video specialists, and professionals in the world of film and TV, with experience in providing video to support digital PR for events – who could bring the event to life, capture the emotion behind ATI’s mission, and the warmth in the room on the day.

The end product thrilled Better Connect, delivered on capturing the sense of pride and accomplishment the event honoured, and gave attendees (and ATI participants) a way to remember the day, and a permanent means to reflect on their achievements.

The video also serves as evergreen content for Better Connect, to market ATI’s impact, in a tangible, real – and importantly – human way, and can be used in future event marketing campaigns and in digital PR for events Better Connect hosts in the future.

Digital PR case study

Raising Awareness with Digital PR for Events

The programme had a huge impact. However, the team felt that little was known about ATI, outside the circles of those who had engaged directly with the programme, and wanted us to amplify its impact.

We began putting together a digital PR for events strategy, designed to generate PR coverage in news outlets based in North Yorkshire, and in titles related to the work they had done.

Our copywriters crafted both a pre-event press release, to drive awareness of the event, and of ATI within its community, and a post-event press release, to further drive awareness, and support Better Connect in their future work and funding endeavours, by spreading word of their impact.

We proposed the post-event press release be delivered differently. Rather than contacting journalists by typical means (posting the press release into the body of the email), as we did with our pre-event press release, we designed a custom email (think email newsletters), embedding the video we created, to bring the content to life for journalists.

By using the designed email delivery medium, we could take advantage of the mechanism’s benefit of forming a Press Pack, with links to the Images, videos, profiles of Better Connect personnel etc.

The pieces themselves made a splash in regional press, achieving placements in 13 publications, viewed by approximately 3 million readers. The risk we took on the delivery of the post-email press release paid off, proving that there are no rules when it comes to digital PR for events, and that strong strategic thinking is key to success.

The results

Press Coverage

  • Views by approx 20 million readers
  • Press releases pitched to a targeted selection of journalists
  • Targeted local and industry PR coverage
  • Exclusive interviews with The Yorkshire Post and local radio
  • Digital coverage on targeted websites
  • Featured as the top story in email news bulletins
  • Shares on social media
  • Bespoke “Press Page” on journalist resource
  • Press Pack including:
    • Bespoke hi-res photographs of the Better Connect team as individuals and a team
    • Detailed profile of CEO
    • Press Releases
    • Quotes
    • Logos and infographics

ATI Celebration event video

  • Two camera operators for the whole event
  • 1 x 5 minute video of the whole day
  • 5 x cut-down videos highlighting various interviews
  • Closed-captions for all videos as separate files and burned in
  • Royalty free music
  • Amazing feedback

“Absolutely love this video! Captures the Action Towards Inclusion programme so well and this event was just amazing – still buzzing from it!”

“This video sums up the programme & the celebration day perfectly. It makes me emotional watching it again. The event was incredible!”

“A great film, capturing the energy and achievements of the day.”

I would highly recommend working with the team at The Marketing Optimist. They took the time to understand our programmes, our values and what is important to us. I loved their creativity in helping us reach our audience. The friendly approach of the whole team made The Marketing Optimist feel like an extension of our organisation. Thank you for your support

Natasha Babar-Evans

CEO, Better Connect

From the first meeting with The Marketing Optimist we felt a real connection to the whole team. There was a genuine interest in who we are as a company, who we are as people and the work that we do. Their energy was infectious and made us feel excited about collaborating with them.

The quality of the work that was produced was extremely high and the coverage we have received around this event has been greater than ever before. Our profile has massively increased due to the work of The Marketing Optimist team and we continue to work with them across our other projects

Hannah Prole

Engagement Manager, Better Connect