Digital PR Services

Combining creative PR strategy with digital marketing expertise
helps to make your PR efforts measurable.

What is Digital PR and how can it help my business?

PR is the art of cultivating a positive reputation with the public and your target audience, through creative and innovative earned media. A well-crafted and thought out PR strategy has the power to build credibility for your brand, whilst also ensuring the right message is getting across to both your existing and potential customers.

Digital PR facilitates not only increased exposure and credibility for your brand, but helps to build links within authoritative publications, helping to improve your SEO. Together with a strong marketing strategy, PR can aid business growth and open new opportunities.

Tailored for your business

We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach, that is why we use our expertise and knowledge to build a strategy that suits your business’ aims and objectives. In the early stages, we spend time getting to know you and your brand, as well as learning about your upcoming events and your desired outcomes, so that we may prepare a PR planner tailored to you.

We also spend time researching relevant national awareness days, awards ceremonies, feature opportunities and conferences that will boost your businesses’ credibility and exposure.

Media Relations

The most crucial part of PR is building a strong relationship between your organisation and the media. Journalists need to trust that the information they are receiving is of a high standard and is factually correct. Through our years of liaising with both regional and national media, we’ve built up great relationships and Journalists feel confident in our ability to provide high quality content.

We make it our goal to regularly meet with Journalists, and other media professionals, to ensure that our relationships remain strong.

The services we offer


Press Releases

Many things happen within your organisation that are worth shouting about. Whether it’s a new product, an event, a charity project, a new appointment, a client win or an impressive year of growth, we can help. Our expertise means we can create press-ready news releases and distribute it to the correct outlets, securing positive coverage.


By keeping up to date with what the Journalists within your industry are writing about, we know exactly who to approach to secure a feature for your product or service. We’ll create an expert pitch that will have journalists wanting to write about you.

Profiles & Interviews

People buy from people. It’s an old saying but it still rings true today. We keep up to date with all the latest interview and profile opportunities that allow you to showcase the person behind your brand.

TV/Radio Appearances

Recognising the news that broadcast media are interested in is part of our service to you. If you tell us about something huge, we know exactly who to target and how to sell your story. We the knowledge and the contacts to arrange radio interviews, TV appearance and even visits to your site.

Press Office

We’ve invested in several industry-leading tools that allow us to receive instant alerts and requests from journalists as soon as they require information about your industry. We also have access to Journalist contact details, interests and what they’re writing about meaning we can prepare pitches for your brand accordingly.