Dive into the Leeds Digital Festival

By: Christopher Fox

April 23rd marks the kick-off of Leeds Digital Festival, and we’re excited.

From April 23rd to May 3rd, the city of Leeds will host 150 events across a whole host of the city’s venues, work/events spaces and more.

An open platform festival (meaning individuals and businesses can attend, apply to run an event or sponsor the festival), attendees can expect events by businesses as diverse as ASDA, NHS Digital, Google, SKY, and many Leeds-born-and-based businesses including The Marketing Optimist!

That’s right! On April 25th we return to Wizu Workspace’s Leeming Building in Central Leeds to deliver our popular Social Media Masterclass, on this occasion, for Leeds Digital Festival. Limited tickets are still available.

But our excitement for the festival isn’t contained to our involvement in it. In this blog we wanted to highlight some of the events taking place at the festival that excite and intrigue us.

Maybe we’ll see some of you there!

“Introduction To Intellectual Property”
April 23rd – 9.00am – 11.00am – FREE

We at The Marketing Optimist believe that the work we do is creative, and our brand of creativity, along with our experience, agile approach and detailed strategies, are why our clients enjoy working with us so much. That being said, it’s no surprise that this event, which focuses on intellectual property and branding, really jumped out at us.

This free morning seminar, ran by Shulman’s LLP at their city centre offices, will look into the part branding plays in adding value to a business, intellectual property rights and the protection they afford.

Exploring what you can be doing for your business to protect your intellectual property, no matter the size and scale of your organisation, over bacon sandwiches, pastries and coffee, this is surely a must-see for creatives, marketers, branding agencies and designers.

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“Finding and Developing Your Agency Talent”
April 26th – 8.30am – 10.00am – FREE

Leeds is jammed full of digital agencies of all kinds, and as an agency ourselves, with our fingers on the pulse of the digital marketing world within Leeds, this event was an obvious choice for us.

From the minds of Darren at Character Creative, and Mark at Agency Growth Coach, this free morning seminar will look into the competitive world of agencies, and how they attract the best talent they can.

With so many agencies establishing themselves in this golden age of digital, agencies are not only competing with other agencies for the best talent, they also compete with their clients and other businesses right across the city. This seminar aims to dig into how agencies should successfully find, develop, and hold onto the best talent they can.

Exploring the recruitment process, from initial search and selection through to the nurturing of in-house talent, discussing tried and tested techniques for finding and developing talent, and focusing on digital professionals with a digital skill set, this is unmissable for those working or seeking work in digital agencies.

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“Tougher Minds”
May 2nd – 12.30pm – 13.30pm – FREE

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace have seen a huge push in recent years, culminating in large businesses and organisations being forced to tackle these issues head on, and the advent of a number of smaller businesses built with the sole intention of improving the wellbeing of the country’s workforce.

Dr John Finn, from the award-winning Tougher Minds Consultancy, will lead this free afternoon seminar, focusing on how to use the best insights from the world of behavioural science and neuroscience to help you be your best, and boost wellbeing and performance.

In just one hour, this seminar aims to cover how to improve performance, moral and leadership development, increase productivity, innovation and employee engagement, create greater wellbeing, enhance resilience, release stress and much more.

Perfect for those working in demanding roles, those with an interest in wellbeing in the workplace or those who want to give more to their job by better understanding their mind. This is sure to be a fascinating seminar.

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“Alternative Facts: Fake News & Disinformation In A Post-Truth Age”
May 1st – 17.30am – 19.45am – FREE

As marketers, and digital consumers, the team at The Marketing Optimist live in a world of digital content. Only recently, members of the team were discussing if it’s all too much, if we’re consuming too much information from …. everywhere, and if all this disparate online content and news stories are from reliable sources.

When anybody with an online blog or social media audience can now be heard by millions of people, the dangers of incorrect information shared to high numbers of people are real, and so it’s no surprise that this event really jumped out at us.

Mihaela Gruia, founder and director of Leeds-based business Research Retold, will be running this intriguing and highly topical event surrounding a term we’ve all had ringing in our ears recently, fake news.

After the issue was highlighted in the 2019 Government report, titled “Disinformation and Fake News”, this free evening seminar will lead the audience to identify what fake news is, how we can detect it, and how to judge the accuracy of what we see online.

No need for a target audience here, this seminar is for anybody online and actively using the web to consume information. We’re looking forward to this one, and with a focus this topical, we’re sure there’ll be lots of interest.

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“How To Start A Start-Up: A Masterclass From An Award Winning Start-up”
April 23rd – 16.00am – 18.00am – FREE

As a quick-growing start-up ourselves, based in accelerator offices and working beside a large number of incredible Start-ups, this is a world we’re not only deeply involved in, but very passionate about.

James Gupta, founder of the award-winning Leeds business Synap, will lead this free afternoon session about starting a business.

Synap is an intelligent learning management system that helps teams learn more in less time, enabling businesses to create personalised, bite-sized training, tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Users can engage with content at any time, and across any device.

The interactive afternoon session will explore getting started on the right foot, having the right plan, learning from and connecting with other businesses, raising finance, selling, becoming a leading authority figure in your industry, hiring the right team and more.

With over one million users across their platform and mobile app, having won the Northern Star Award in 2017, and having raised £200K in investment, this is a lesson taught by somebody who has lived and breathed the world of start-ups, to great success.

> Get your free ticket now.

And with that, our top tips for the Leeds Digital Festival are complete.

Leeds Digital Festival Social Media Masterclass

Don’t forget, we’re running our Social Media Masterclass on April 25th at Wizu Workspace as part of the festival. There are only a limited number of spaces available, and tickets are £125.

Whether you’re a business owner required to manage your own social media marketing, a professional juggling social media duties with another role, trainee marketers, or marketers wanting to brush up their social media skills, transform your business with our Social Media Masterclass.

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