Unlock the power of email marketing

“for every pound you put into email marketing you get back 40x more than you would through Facebook, Instagram and almost every other marketing channel.”

2014 study by McKinsey

Email marketing is on the resurgence

Think about it for a moment, regardless of which social media your customers are signed up to the one thing they all have is an email address. A person’s email is their unique identifier on the internet, and it’s the one thing they carry around with them everywhere.

A targeted relevant email marketing strategy enables you to build relationships with your customers and prospects like no other marketing medium and give you a far better chance of converting them to a sale.

Email marketing strategy comes in three flavours

Email newsletters

Regular email newsletters are the perfect way to keep top of mind and build a relationship with your customers and prospects.

Automated emails

Automated email programmes are a great way to introduce new customers and prospects to your business. Emails can be triggered on subscription via your website or as a regular upload from your CRM.

Emails combined with E-commerce

Combining your email list with the back end of your e-commerce website gives you the opportunity to segment your emails by your customers’ buying habits and market to them based on their value to your business.

Fully responsive email design and copywriting

The split in email opens is split around 50/50 between mobile and desktop, even for business customers. All our emails are optimised to open and display on any device which ensures a consistent view wherever your subscribers read their email.

Email marketing strategy
Email marketing strategy

Detailed reporting to help convert clicks to sales

For every email campaign we supply a highly detailed report which shows who opened, clicked and shared your email. The report will also tell you which links they clicked on, where they were in the world when they opened it and which email browser they opened the email with.

We can supply your sales team with highly valuable reports of the subscribers who opened and clicked on the email so that they can follow-up on any leads.