On January 12, Facebook declared organic post reach dead for pages.

By: Richard Michie

Is Facebook organic reach over for pages? What do you think?

That’s the subject of an email I received from a client this morning. It’s a fair question, my answer wasn’t quite as direct, but I think I covered off everything.

Here’s my reply


That’s not entirely true. Facebook said that following “feedback” they would give more precedence to posts by friends and family. The effect of this is that the organic reach of pages which don’t have much interaction will be reduced. Basically, they want businesses to pay more on the platform.

Having said that, so far I’ve not seen a change. In fact the reach of some of the pages I run, including yours, has been stable and in some areas increased. I’ve attached a screen grab of the natural reach on your page.

To ensure that Facebook reach is still there without paid posts, we need to ensure that our posts are informative and not too salesy. Where possible not linking out to pages but driving interaction on Facebook and using messenger and the other tools available.

Boosting post and bespoke ads are still very useful as they were before the announcement.

To counter balance any Facebook fall out, from the beginning we have been utilising Twitter and LinkedIn too as well as building up your SEO with new content.

In short we shouldn’t abandon Facebook but keep driving good content and be aware of the changes.

Hope that helps answer your question. Happy to have a longer chat about it.

Cheers Richard

07834 197785

If you’re worried about the Facebook changes and how it might affect your business, give me a call or arrange a meeting by clicking this link

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Right from the beginning of our time working with The Marketing Optimist, they’ve taken the time and effort to get to understand Sharp Consultancy as a business and not just a client. We’ve seen a huge increase in the effectiveness of our social media strategy, particularly on Linkedin and we’re delighted with the impact it’s had on the business.

Jamie Caulfield

Regional Director, Sharp Consultancy

It was a pleasure to work with The Marketing Optimist on this project. It felt like a true collaborative effort on the day and they made the interviewee's feel at ease whilst talking about their journey on our RISE programme. The final video was professional and engaging, we have received great feedback around the quality and creativity of the case study. Including the video in our presentation made it come to life, with real humans sharing their stories, so thank you to the Marketing Optimist!

Hannah Prole

Impact Manager, Better Connect Limited

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Marketing for Local Government

Moresby Hall Hotel

Hotel Rebranding

Sharp Consultancy

B2B Social Media for recruitment

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Better Connect

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Marketing support for a global telecoms business

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