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Marketing Sandwich Course

The best way to understand something is to go through step by step, so on each of our marketing webinars we’ll take a marketing question from each person who registers, break it down into easy to digest parts and then demonstrate how to solve, deploy and measure it, all in just 30 minutes.

Each webinar will address one marketing question raised by people on social media. It could be on any subject, digital or traditional marketing, it’s up to you. We’re going to record each webinar and post them to our social media channels after it’s finished. But if you want the chance to ask questions and be involved, you need to be on the call.

If you’d like to co-run a webinar with us please get in touch via our contact page.

Daniel Ocock

How can branding improve your business.

Our next webinar is…

Emily Forbes – CEO and Founder at Seenit. 11th September at 12.30pm.

Emily is a former documentary filmmaker whose company, Seenit, enables organisations such as Amazon and ING to co-create videos with their customers and employees, amplifying the voices of those most knowledgeable and passionate about brands. This is going to be a very interesting webinar for all content creators and social media specialists.

What previous delegates have said about our Social Media Masterclass

Natalie Moran

How Yorkshire’s Homeless are coping during Covid. 

Emily Forbes

Using user generated content across your marketing.

Daniel Ocock

How can branding improve your business?

Carole Laine

Vital businesses for the care sector.

Jem Henderson

What the tech has gone down in lockdown?

Jonathan Hirst

How to get ahead in marketing.

Jeremy Meadowcroft

What support can my business access?

Hayley Gillard

What does leadership mean?

Sandwich Course Special

What is it REALLY like to be on Dragons’ Den?

Emma Armytage

HR tips to help you through coronavirus.

Natasha Barbar-Evans

The importance of a growth mindset.

Mike Chitty

How to REALLY help your clients.

Chris Rabbitt

Should I be selling right now?

Richard Michie

10 ways you can improve your marketing today.

Chris Allen

Legal marketing through Coronavirus.

Russell Harvey

How resilient are you?

Lee Jackson

Improve your remote presenting skills.

Mel Parker

Finding a new role in turbulent times.

Phil Storey

Simple tips for looking after your website.

Richard Michie

Getting your marketing planning right.

Gemma Birbeck

Keeping your brand top of mind. 

Richard Michie

How small businesses can make compelling videos.

Nigel Greenwood

Marketing and your customer journey. 

Richard Michie

SEO Tips for WordPress. 

Every day’s a learning day… Thank you Marketing Optimist for your extremely insightful Marketing Sandwich webinar – it definitely gave me food for thought… see what I did there?! Cheers Richard it was fantastic. I highly recommend and look forward to the next.

Amber Avison
Marketing and Operations Manager, Angel Groups