If you’ve ever wanted to get your latest news of post on to Google, then one of the main elements on Google MyBusiness is the secret weapon you’ve been waiting for.

Google MyBusiness is the tool that holds all your vital business information like opening times, reviews, service information, images and videos. It ties in really well with your map listings and helps to increase your presence on Google.

In all it a pretty cool bit of kit for marketing your business.

Make the most of your Google MyBusiness page

Being as it’s so great, it’s amazing how many companies aren’t using it. If you’re one of those, visit Google MyBusiness now and a set up your profile, you can thank me later.

One of the best things Google have added to MyBusiness is a hang over from the days of Google+, anyone remember that?

Google MyBusiness, lets you add updates to your listing

Google MyBusiness Main page

This may not sound ground breaking but if you have a new post, page, event, offer or product this is a great tool.

If you’ve done your branding well, you’ll receive lots of visits from people googling your brand name. And when they do that they see your main listing, if you’ve added an update, guess what your visitors will see underneath your other details.

How do you add a post to Google MyBusiness?

Very simply click on posts at the side of your Google MyBusiness control panel and click post.

You’ll see a screen where you can add an image, some text and a link. You can also add a call to action to the link.

Google MyBusiness adding a post

But this is not just for straight posts.

  • If you’ve got an event, you can add more details, like when and where the event is.
  • Running offers? Add it here and you offer is up front and centre.
  • Added a new product? It goes right in here with more information.

Google MyBusiness posts expire from the front page after a while, so you need to keep on top of them. Handily Google will email you when they need topping up.

Even if you don’t update, the posts don’t disappear they hang around to add more detail to your profile. And more information on your Google MyBusiness profile helps build the content they hold on your business, which means you’re improving your website’s Search Engine Optimisation.

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