Home Improvement Marketing for Parker Howley

Parker Howley manufactures exquisite bespoke bathroom vanity units from their workshop in Yorkshire. They sell a wide range of bespoke vanity units in a wide range of materials, colours and sizes that can be personalised to customers’ exacting tastes, along with basins, taps and other bathroom accessories.

Their beautiful designs are loved by interior designers, celebrities and discerning customers alike, and are regularly featured in high-end interiors publications. The business’s main routes to market are its e-commerce website, showroom and direct trade sales to interior designers and developers.

Home improvement marketing, and bathroom vanity units in particular, is a very competitive area with a wide range of competitors, ranging from cheap and cheerful high-street chains and DIY stores, to high-quality designers. Parker Howley’s bespoke vanity units sit firmly in the high-quality end of the market.

Parker Howley Case Study

Effective Search Engine Optimisation for the market

In such a competitive search landscape, Parker Howley needed to ensure that their products outranked their competitors in the high end of the market. We got to grips with understanding the space, and the optimisation-related home improvement marketing techniques used by competitors.

There was no point trying to compete with DIY chains, as their quality and price point are not comparable to those of Parker Howley, and pages optimised for key terms commonly associated with cheaper products would likely result in high bounce rates.

Interior design for bathrooms marketing case study

SEO strategy process

We began our SEO process with an audit, reviewing the whole website, looking at the user experience, process flow through the site, and the content required to help the site rank.

Based on the initial products the client wanted to focus on, we conducted keyword research, resulting in a range of key terms with buying intent and significant search metrics, which we included with the audit.

In a zoom meeting, we talked it over with the client to ensure we had created a clear SEO strategy that successfully aligned insights about the client’s products, operations and industry, with our technical know-how and optimisation best practices.

Throughout the process, our SEO manager would work with the client to plan based on the next group of products they wanted to focus on.

This is a process unique to this client, based on how they like to work. Explore this page to learn more about the SEO process that helps most of our clients compete in their search landscapes.

Interiors Marketing Case study

Writing Optimised Copy

Armed with the products the client wanted to push, and the keyword research conducted, our copywriter would create discovery documents for the client.

These documents outlined the broad outline of a particular page, and featured a range of bullet pointed questions to the client, which they would answer with bullet points.

Our copywriter then used these documents to craft optimised home improvement marketing copy for the client’s website pages and blog content, that served both the user and search engines. This process was then repeated with new products informed by the client’s focus.

We have now updated 20 pages on the site, including a number of blogs which help to shore up ranking positions and provide valuable content for customers.

Since beginning the optimisation process, we have achieved:

  • 82 – Top 3 positions for traffic-driving keywords
  • 116 – Top 10 first page positions
  • Average ranking of 3rd position across all keywords
  • The website is outranking its closest competitors on over 75% of searches
Home Improvement Marketing Case Study

Social media Ads and Google AdWords

Social media ads and Google AdWords campaigns also play a vital role in Parker Howley’s home improvement marketing mix.

Before we could run these campaigns successfully, we spent some time ensuring that all Parker Howley’s back-end systems were able to record and measure conversions and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

When profiles on Facebook, Instagram (Meta) and Google Analytics had been initially created, the background “wiring” hadn’t been completed properly, so activity wasn’t being correctly measured. This means there was no way to know how effective campaigns had been in the past.

This involved lots of detective work and discussions with the support team at Meta and Google to resolve.

  • Meta and Google Adwords campaigns are now reporting very healthy ROAS.
  • Over Christmas one Meta campaign gave a ROAS of 6874.63%!
Parker Howley Bespoke Vanity Unit Case study

Additional Home Improvement Marketing Support

Over the last year, our support for Parker Howley has developed considerably and we are now supporting the team in other areas with further home improvement marketing support

We now host the website on our server set-up, write and publish new website content, maintain WordPress installations, action product updates and provide technical support.

We have also begun supporting Parket Howley with their organic social media on Facebook and Instagram which has been managed internally up to this point.

The results

  • 82 – Top 3 positions for traffic-driving keywords
  • 116 – Top 10 first page positions
  • Average ranking of 3rd position across all keywords
  • The website is outranking its closest competitors on over 75% of searches
  • Meta and Google Adwords campaigns are now reporting very healthy ROAS
  • Redesigned User Experience on the website
  • Updated navigation
  • Re-written product pages
  • New Blogs regularly added
  • Faster website hosting, product updates and maintenance

Working with The Marketing Optimist is a pleasant surprise compared to previous website/marketing agencies, they listen to what we want and need, then develop strategies that us less tech savvy people fully understand, and have closely held our hand along the way.

The team, led by Richard, have vast experience in the areas of the business that we struggled with, and as such have helped drive traffic not only to our website but through to our enquiries email and phone line too,

I would highly recommend them to any business wanting to take the stress and hassle of website/marketing areas and want to grow their business.

Neil Bell

Director, Parker Howley

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