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Using the same Digital PR expertise we
provide to our clients, we’ve secured many
of our own placements.

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Exposure for The Marketing Optimist

Using the same expertise we offer to our clients, Digital PR has helped us raise awareness of our own brand, elevate our exposure to prospective clients, and position us within our industry. 

From new appointments, to business growth pieces, and everything in between, our coverage has span beyond the physical and digital news papers, and led to multiple radio appearances and podcast invitations for our Founder and MD Richard Michie. This exposure helps to raise awareness of The Marketing Optimist and our services, whilst building Richard’s personal brand simultaneously. 

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Business Growth

Keen to shout about our fourth year of consecutive growth, we received multiple placements in a number of local and national business publications. Pieces like this help to position us within our industry and due to the readership of the publications in which it featured, help to  expose us to prospective clients. 

Besides, it’s important to celebrate the wins, right? 

Business Growth

Included along side other Yorkshire marketing agencies experiencing growth and expansion, pieces like this help to expose us to prospective clients and partners, establish authority, credibility, and build trust in the brand over time.  

As a Leeds-based business, a city home to a huge number of digital agencies, these pieces help to build a genuine community and build relationships between businesses. 

Humanising the Business

Having established a relationship with Leeds homeless charity Simon on the Streets, we let the press know when running our occasional fundraising campaigns to help support them. These articles help us to increase awareness of the charity, the fundraiser, and our appeal for donations. 

Such pieces also help to reveal a different, human side of the business, providing it a strong identity. 

Humanising the Business

We used Digital PR to increase awareness of a children’s competition we ran as the UK was under lockdown conditions. The release was taken up by a great many publications, all seeking to offer a little positivity throughout the unusual period.  

With the backstory Richard was able to offer, this piece helped to further establish the Marketing Optimist brand, aligned with the warm and friendly approach we’re committed to providing. 


Business Wins 

Amongst an bubbling business community, shouting about milestone years, secured funding, contract wins, and business growth/expansion is key! We did that in February 2020, when we received the news that we’d successfully secured funding of £20,000, and announced our plans to considerably expand our offering, and our pool of talented third-party suppliers. 

PR like this helps to build the brand, establish industry positioning and increase client acquisition. 

Personal Branding – Leadership

As the face of the business, Richard is often asked to contribute to pieces like this one. Positioning him as a thought leader, and building his personal brand, this particular article also links back to the Marketing Optimist website, providing SEO benefits.

Articles such as this have led to regular requests to appear on radio and podcasts too.

Expertise – Advice 

Journalists are always looking for specialists to comment on certain topics, and if you’re reactive, you can snag some fantastic opportunities.  We did just that, here, when Richard provided advice to a journalist in the hospitality industry about launching virtual events. This article provides a link to the Marketing Optimist, which offers SEO benefits, and increased our exposure to a targeted, specific market. 

Lifting Others & Building Brand Association 

To celebrate Yorkshire Day 2019 in a unique way, with a refreshing campaign, we shifted the emphasis away from The Marketing Optimist, and onto other exciting Leeds businesses. Digital PR helped us to increase the exposure the campaign could offer the businesses who got involved, whilst establishing the important connection between our brand and Yorkshire. 

The Digital PR services we offer


Press Releases

Many things happen within your organisation that are worth shouting about. Whether it’s a new product, an event, a charity project, a new appointment, a client win or an impressive year of growth, we can help. Our expertise means we can create press-ready news releases and distribute it to the correct outlets, securing positive coverage.


By keeping up to date with what the Journalists within your industry are writing about, we know exactly who to approach to secure a feature for your product or service. We’ll create an expert pitch that will have journalists wanting to write about you.

Profiles & Interviews

People buy from people. It’s an old saying but it still rings true today. We keep up to date with all the latest interview and profile opportunities that allow you to showcase the person behind your brand.

TV/Radio Appearances

Recognising the news that broadcast media are interested in is part of our service to you. If you tell us about something huge, we know exactly who to target and how to sell your story. We the knowledge and the contacts to arrange radio interviews, TV appearance and even visits to your site.