How to Decide if TikTok Marketing is Right for Your Business

By: Ligita P

In recent years, TikTok has skyrocketed in popularity, becoming one of the most influential social media platforms globally. Its short-form video content has captivated audiences, and many businesses are eager to join it for bigger brand exposure. However, while TikTok marketing can undoubtedly offer numerous opportunities for certain business, it’s important to understand its strengths, and assess its compatibility with your specific business before jumping in and adding the platform to your marketing mix.

Many companies rush to start TikTok accounts and when we ask them why, they say: ‘’because it is popular now.”, or ‘’my children are on it 24/7 so my customers must be too”. Whilst TikTok is very popular and dominating people’s attention, its effectiveness for businesses and marketing teams can vary. Join me as we explore why TikTok marketing may not be the right platform for your business.

Tiktok marketing

Are your customers there?

TikTok is primarily a B2C platform that attracts a younger demographic, with a significant portion of its users being teenagers and young adults.

If your business is B2B, and if your target audience falls outside this age bracket, investing resources into TikTok marketing may not provide significant returns.
Most users just swipe through TikTok videos without paying extra attention to the content itself. So, your TikTok content must not only be highly targeted, but exceptionally engaging, with a clear call to action to make users stop, watch, and importantly, take action/convert.

Does your content fit?

TikTok thrives on engaging, visually appealing, and often humorous content. Not all businesses can produce content that effectively markets their products/services in this format, within such clearly defined stylistic guidelines.

For instance, businesses with complex B2B services or niche products may find it challenging to create short and snappy content with a humorous angle, that resonates with TikTok’s audience.

Furthermore, TikTok supports short-form video content, which means your videos must be succinct, powerful and attention grabbing from the get-go. Many businesses jump into TikTok marketing and fall at this first and important hurdle, by posting poorly formatted or low-quality videos, which fail to engage users and instead, harm their professional image.

If your business is considering adding TikTok to your marketing mix, and you’re confident that your customers are using the platform, it is vital to have a dedicated team capable of producing high-quality, short-form video content about your products/services, and guide users to convert.

Tiktok marketing

Do you have the resources for TikTok marketing?

TikTok requires businesses to maintain an active presence across the platform, and only high-quality content created with regularity can help to generate and maintain engagement and drive results.

For smaller businesses or those with limited marketing resources, this can be a challenge. TikTok marketing requires dynamic, on-time content – in fact, in some agency settings, marketing across the platform can be a person’s full-time job.

A great example of the reality of marketing across TikTok has been shared in this article, where a social video producer for Forbes Vetted has shared that creating a fresh, 42-second video took about three working days. This is just for one video, and to succeed on TikTok, you need a steady stream of content, with the variety to keep people engaged in not only one of your posts, but each video you post.

Before your business dives into the relentless world of TikTok marketing, it’s important to question if your company/ team has the skills and resources to commit to such a time-intensive app. If not, it’s likely better to avoid TikTok altogether.

Tiktok marketing

Can you stay on trend?

Trends shape the culture of TikTok and can inform TikTok marketing activities and strategy. For many businesses, these trends may not align with your brand’s image or values.

Participating in TikTok trends that don’t resonate with your brand can come across as inauthentic, fail to effectively promote your brand, products or services in a fitting manner, and even harm your reputation.

TikTok trends are also fast-moving and change regularly, requiring you to be reactive to time-sensitive content formats and ideas.

Similarly, it’s important to know that as TikTok’s popularity continues to grow, so does the competition for users’ attention, making it hard for businesses to cut through the noise with their TikTok marketing, and secure engagement in a landscape full of businesses competing for visibility. Do you have the creativity and strategic planning required to keep up?

While TikTok offers exciting opportunities for many businesses, it’s important to carefully assess whether your target audience, content capabilities, and resource availability align with what TikTok demands. Jumping on TikTok without a clear strategy can lead to wasted resources and even damage to your brand’s reputation. Therefore, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision before diving into the fast-paced, highly creative world of TikTok.

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