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About our marketing industry white papers.

We’ve been conducting research into different industries and the Leeds businesses within them. The first in the series looks at the Digital landscape of Legal Firms in the Leeds area.

This practise came from the huge amount of non-secure websites we saw in late 2018, despite the very public push for websites to have an SSL certificate.

Because of this, the very nature of non-secure websites and the message they send to the user, we wanted to start with an industry that requires its customer’s/client’s/service user’s trust, as well as an industry that requires lots of sensitive data from customers, which is why we’ve started with a report looking into Leeds-based Law Firms.

Even now, in 2019, there are still many websites out there ignoring the requirement for SSL certificates, and ignoring many of the other small, yet crucial details a business’s website should have.

Marketing Industry White Papers

Why did we conduct our research?

Why do we care? At The Marketing Optimist, we work with companies to optimise their websites, drive traffic to their websites, and often develop new ones to ensure our clients not only have a website that speaks for them and the incredible and exciting work they do, but to ensure their website acts as their digital reputation.

When a user/potential client visits an organisation’s website for the first time, what hits their screen should be the best the business can give, the very best of the business.

Websites deemed non-secure deliver a clear message to the user, and this message is one about trust. Non-secure websites raise the question of trust and even professionalism in the mind of the user, and why should a potential client give their custom to a business with such little concern for their digital reputation?

Of course, we can’t have based our reports simply on the amount of businesses with non-secure websites, we took many factors into consideration, namely:

  • (SSL/Non-secure websites)
  • Site load speed
  • If the websites feature adequate meta descriptions
  • How up to date the website is
  • What the functionality of the website is like
  • How the business link to their social channels (if at all)
  • How up-to-date the social platforms are
  • If the businesses have a blog/news section
  • How up-to-date the blog/news sections are
  • If the websites have staff sections
  • How up-to-date the copyright dates on the websites are

Download our legal white paper “The Devil’s In The Detail”.

The Marketing Optimist, came from recommendation from a mutual business acquaintance, and has definitely added value to our marketing operation; helping to unravel and interpret much of what we knew but were struggling to define. An external set of eyes always helps to clarify what seems obvious to you, but is a fog or ‘noise’ to anyone else.

Emma Dreike

Co-Founder, Ebury Communications

Richard is indeed The Marketing Optimist. He had to be with our lack of knowledge in digital marketing. He supported us with strategic and tactical advice. He was creative offering proactive ideas that were relevant, fresh and original. He also offered practical support helping us to manage the tangle of digital marketing options with ease.

Tina Davies