Marketing With Webinars

A Case Study

YourBigPic is the business of Martin Johnson, a People & Business Development professional of over 25 years.

Deploying in-house People & Business Development Workshops & Programmes for businesses of all kinds, YourBigPic provide a people-first, industry-shifting approach to these two crucial elements in achieving business success.

The business’s flagship product is BIG PICTURE®, an effective alternative to antiquated engagement surveys, and a highly effective tool to help deploy People & Business Development projects.

Challenge – From Video to Viral

Martin wanted to increase awareness of the brand, demand for YourBigPic, its products and services, and increase conversions.

Whilst developing an entire Marketing Strategy for YourBigPic, to drive potential customers/clients towards their higher value services, we leveraged the client’s prior investment in video content and equipment.

Producing shot lists that directed the video content down to the last detail, the video content we helped to produce grounded their creativity in strong structure, synchrony and clear, concise messaging, generating accelerated engagement and brand awareness for YourBigPic.

To turn engagement into conversions, we introduced Webinars into the mix to give the audience a taste of the kind of facilitation they could expect from Martin during in-house Workshops and Programmes.


The Marketing Optimist set an original KPI of five attendees per Webinars. This number was one the client felt was the perfect number of attendees in order to generate the kind of conversation/engagement required.

Within a few months of consistently reaching our KPI, we began to extend the number.

Today, the number of attendees sits, consistently, at over double our original KIP, with a second series of Webinars launched due to the success of the first.

Our Approach

With something new to offer People and Business Development Professionals, Change Practitioners, Learning & Development Professionals, Internal and External Trainers, Business Leaders, and Employees (which YourBigPic already had a large and growing network of across their social platforms and CRM), we believed there was a hungry audience out there for Martin’s insights, approach wealth of experience in the field, products and services.

It was immediately clear to us that Webinars were a clear, low-commitment vehicle to expose this audience to the benefits of BIG PICTURE® Kits and the client’s higher value services.

Setting up a Zoom account for YourBigPic and running our own independent tests in-house, we explored the features that could best bring their offering to life, and defined a process which they could adopt, perfect and repeat.

Configuring their account to support breakout rooms, waiting rooms, and calendar reminders for attendees, and with greenscreens and multi-camera set-ups at their disposal, YourBigPic were set-up to broadcast.

Opting to repurpose the design of the fully branded Email Newsletter we designed and weekly manage for them, YourBigPic decided to personalise confirmation emails to attendees rather than use the automatic email generated by Zoom.

Newsletters are one of many vehicles we use to market these webinars, providing a thorough breakdown of each Webinar (the titles of which reflect the business issue they aim to explore), a Webinar video trailer, and of course buttons to the Webinar page of the YourBigPic website where prospective attendees can register their interest.

In our development of the Webinar page of the YourBigPic website, we opted to display the subsequent three Webinars at all times. Using Gravity Forms, we created one in which possible attendees can select which of the Webinars they are interested in. We also include a Gallery of all previous webinars beneath these elements as a further nudge to prospective attendees.

Across a typical fortnightly social media calendar which we craft, compile and schedule for YourBigPic, there are a high ratio of Webinar related posts which feature the theme, concise and well-crafted copy regarding the content the Webinar will include, and a Webinar trailer. This strategic, and carefully planned social media marketing was imperative in enabling us to fulfil, and later double, our KPI of 5 conversions/attendees per Webinar.

The Results

Each of these elements we put in place, in addition to the direct outreach YourBigPic deploy, have been crucial in generating the engagement and attendance figures they now see every fortnight.

The success of these Webinars led to demand for public Workshops where YourBigPic can deploy their higher-value People and Business Development services, using the BIG PICTURE® Kit, to a responsive, inspired and engaged audience.

These public Workshops are then a gateway for YourBigPic to work more closely with their delegates back in the organisations they work for, or as external trainers/contractors using BIG PICTURE® in their sessions. Of course, they are also a profitable addition to their offering.

One of the clearest signs of success is the second series of Webinars we have helped YourBigPic stand up. With more interest in their original themed Webinar series than places available each fortnight, a second paid series designed to develop the current focus of the businesses each attendee represents, is now running.