Meet The Marketing Optimists

We’re The Marketing Optimist, a digital marketing agency based in Leeds, Yorkshire’s capital of Marketing. Home of high tech business, the world’s finest brew, and titans like Jarvis Cocker, David Hockney and Tracey Brabin.

Our team of marketing experts blend creative concepts, with a strategic focus, and apply technical understanding and implementation to create considered campaigns that deliver measurable results.

We build a team of specialists around your business, to elevate your marketing efforts, and drive results in the specific areas you want to focus on.

Whether that be, Marketing strategy, Search engine optimisation, Copywriting, Social media strategy and management, Paid advertising, Digital PR, Website design and development, or full service support, we can help.

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Our Approach

Not your average digital marketing agency, we’re more than merely a service provider. We work as an extension of your internal team, and develop a deep understanding of your business, your operations, your overarching marketing plan, and more, to create strategies, campaigns, and content that well and truly click.

We’re as Yorkshire as it gets. Not only do we deliver excellent value for money (as you’d expect), but our heritage runs through our no-jargon, transparent approach, which puts you firmly in the picture at all times. Ours is the antidote to the smoke and mirrors, siloed approach you’ve likely endured from a digital marketing agency or two in the past.

At The Marketing Optimist, we don’t bamboozle you with endless reports full of mindless data you don’t need or understand, and we guide you through the complexities and intricacies of the marketing process, to help you understand, and remain engaged in, the work we do.

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency to Make Your Marketing Click?

As a digital marketing agency made up of specialised experts, we don’t limit ourselves to supporting certain industries. We work with businesses across any industry (within reason of course), and have a varied client roster from industries as varied as:

Click the links above, or head to our Case Studies section to read in more detail about the work we’ve done for clients in these spaces.

Beyond our client work, we’re also white label partners for a number of large, high profile agencies across the UK, including London. Which says a lot about us, a smaller, agile digital marketing agency in Yorkshire, helping to make marketing click on behalf of our industry’s key players.

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Meet the Optimists

Richard Michie CEO. Meet The Marketing Optimists

Richard Michie – CEO and Founder

Richard has been in marketing since before the internet, cutting his teeth in old school Direct Marketing. Then the internet came and made his job 1,000,000 times faster and a lot more fun!

Throughout his career he has worked client side in translation (twice), holidays, nursery furniture, big book mail order (ask your mum), and renewable energy and worked for digital agencies in Yorkshire too.

Richard launched The Marketing Optimist in 2016 vowing to do marketing in a different more agile way to the traditional marketing agency set up.

He’s great at taking complex marketing problems and cutting right through to the core of the issue. Not one to hang around, he likes to begin creating and testing strategic marketing plans quickly so that he can begin to generate return on investment quickly.

digital marketing agency

Chris Fox – Content and SEO Manager

Chris is a natural writer, committed to producing real results through written content. As a former professional musician and songwriter, he is a natural creative, and has developed a strong technical ability enabling him to deliver, whatever the piece.

Promoted to the role of Content and SEO Manager in late 2022, after 5 years with the business, Chris manages all things client Copywriting, and the strategy behind all kinds of content created across all services. Also managing the strategy and execution of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) projects, he has a detailed approach to website optimisation, helping to increase the visibility of clients, and condensing technical analytics down into accurate, clear and digestible reports.

Hristina Tsolova - Social Media Account Manager

Hristina Tsolova – Social Media Account Manager

Hristina Tsolova joins the team of The Marketing Optimist as a Social Media Account Manager. She is an experienced social media specialist with a diverse background, from higher education to travel at Jet2, during pandemic times, and the public sector at YPO.

She creates comprehensive social media strategies and loves coming up with creative ideas backed by data to form unique campaigns that will deliver impactful results for clients. Hristina takes on a hands-on approach with her work and can’t wait to apply her experience at The Marketing Optimist.

Ligita Putane - Social Media Executive

Ligita Putane – Social Media Executive

Ligita is a multilingual digital marketing and social media enthusiast. With over 3 years of experience, she’s had the privilege of working for both in-house teams and agency settings; helping companies to expand their social media reach using creative content. For Ligita, social media is not just a job, but a passion that extends into her hobbies, where she creates Reels and TikToks.

Her linguistic journey is another facet of her personality. Being a language nerd, she has embarked on the exciting path of learning and mastering 4 languages. Currently, she is learning her 5th language, Spanish.

Ligita’s professional journey has taken her through diverse industries, fostering an open-minded and adaptable perspective. This experience has enriched her ability to think creatively and strategically.

In her spare time she loves travelling, that’s when her linguistic skills come in handy.

Meet The Marketing Optimists

Tailored and Expandable Teams

Beyond our core team of Optimists, we work with a selection of trusted freelance marketing specialists, where greater support, or specific areas of expertise outside that of our core team, are required.

This hand selected team of creatives, web designers, developers, writers, film-makers, graphic designers, technical experts, and photographers, all have digital marketing agency experience, and experience working with The Marketing Optimist, helping us to offer you a no-compromise approach to our service. With us, you can think big.

Our freelance specialists are highly experienced, trusted partners, who work in collaboration with our core team to produce work that meets the high standards we hold at The Marketing Optimist.

The Digital Marketing Agency Offering a Limitless Service

Marketing is where creativity, strategy, and technical understanding meet. At The Marketing Optimist, we don’t do mindless creative ideas, they’re all part of a considered strategy.

We believe to truly get to the best of your digital marketing agency, clients like you must help us to establish clear creative guidelines, so our specialists can create within a framework you’ve helped to determine.

This reduces wasted time, creating content, or creative strategic concepts that push beyond your comfort level. These guidelines also ensure we have a complete understanding of your brand guidelines, and help us to safeguard your brand as we work.

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Meet The Marketing Optimists

Part of the Fair Work Charter

We don’t really go in for awards, but receiving the Fair Work Charter from West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire means a lot to us.

Having this certificate shows our commitment to good pay, fair and flexible working conditions, as well as greater well-being, diversity, and social mobility at The Marketing Optimist.

We’ve always worked to these values, but it feels good to be able to demonstrate it.

Our journey to be a sustainable marketing agency

Being a sustainable digital marketing agency has always been important to The Marketing Optimist. So we are going on a journey to learn more about our activity and how we can reduce our impact on the world. Our long-term goal is to become a registered B Corp by 2024.

You can keep track of our progress on our blog.

Working with The Marketing Optimist has been an absolute pleasure. They have listened and taken time to really understand our audience and gone above and beyond to ensure our experience was extremely tailored. Although we are still in the early stages we began seeing results very early on. Our bounce rate has decreased by 40% and traffic increased steadily month on month.

Marina Townsend

eCommerce Director, The Edit LDN

The Edit LDN

Managing advanced eCommerce SEO

I would highly recommend working with the team at The Marketing Optimist. They took the time to understand our programmes, our values and what is important to us. I loved their creativity in helping us reach our audience. The friendly approach of the whole team made The Marketing Optimist feel like an extension of our organisation. Thank you for your support

Natasha Babar-Evans

CEO, Better Connect

Better Connect

Digital PR and video production for events