Introductions are in order! I wanted to take the time to properly introduce myself – I’m Sophie Fryett, I’m the new starter who’s joined the fantastic team at The Marketing Optimist.

New starter who? Get to know me a little better…

Starting by giving you all quick insight into my background. My mum has always been creative and that clearly rubbed off on me. She started her own side-business designing wedding decorations, and making her own personalised cakes. Of course I would always try and get involved with the easiest parts or even just sit back and watch her. I think the creative flare from my Mum led my sister to do a photography degree and me to study a creative degree too. I graduated from York St John with a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature with Creative Writing.

After graduating I wasn’t sure what my next step was, everyone was telling me to go into teaching. But I didn’t want to just follow what they were saying I should be doing. Whilst I figured it out I just threw myself into work, and quickly found a job as a barista. In this role it wasn’t a necessary skill to do latte art or anything of the sort, nobody else there had jumped on the trend yet. But it had always fascinated me, so I took it upon myself to train on various ways to do it. Predominantly through watching YouTube videos – it was quite literally trial and error until I got it right. It soon caught on because the customers loved it, and many of the other baristas wanted me to teach them how to do the basics themselves.

Where I started to figure things out…

When I felt I got my fill of the barista role, I moved on to be a sales assistant and social media manager for an Italian jewellery brand in York. I genuinely loved this role as the brand and their concept of ‘telling your story through your jewellery’ was something I was passionate about. Helping customers tell their story through fashion wasn’t the only avenue that allowed me to be more creative, I was also in charge of all their socials. It allowed me to reignite my own interest in social media but in a different way. I had already built my personal following up over the years (to just over 16k on twitter) so it was good for me to take my skills in a new direction. For the company I was building engagement, customer interest and creating content the audience actually wanted to see!

I was there for a year and a half, but moving to Leeds led me to a new challenge doing marketing and personal assistant work for a start-up. More specifically, an IT managed services provider based in Leeds. The aim was to build presence over social media, gain business and create content along the way. Throughout everything I’ve always had a creative angle to everything I do, even if the role wasn’t primarily one.

And here we are!

My last role ended pretty abruptly just before Christmas, with everyone being made redundant – GREAT timing I know… But it led to me use the powers at my disposal to try and help myself out a little. I had seen what LinkedIn could do, and I thought I would share a very honest post about my situation. I genuinely didn’t think it would take off the way it did. I ended up with 50k views on my post, 168 reactions, 103 comments, and a crazy number of private messages from people wanting to help. One of them was Richard. From his initial message on LinkedIn, we had a friendly phone call and then I was invited for an interview/taster day – I was offered the role at the end of the taster day. All of this happened within the space of 10 days!

Richard and new starter Sophie for The Marketing Optimist

Now, I’m 2 weeks in at The Marketing Optimist and I don’t feel like a new starter, its as though I’ve been part of the team for ages! I can’t wait to enhance my skill set even further with more in depth work on:

  • Producing relevant creative content including blogs, website copy and social posts (to name a few).
  • Managing clients and in-house social channels (covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest); increasing their social presence, engagement and generating sales.
  • SEO projects.
  • Email marketing.

To sum things up, my aim in this role is to keep the client and relevant audience in mind. I want to work with our clients on a collaborative basis, always creating content they’re happy with. Ensuring their needs/criteria are met and suggesting any ideas I feel would aid the growth of their business, and in turn build a positive ROI.

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