Newsjacking LinkedIn has just become a valid marketing tactic! Newsjacking has long been a favoured tactic on social media, but until now has been consigned mainly to Facebook and Twitter. If you’ve not come across Newsjacking before, it’s a way to get your business coverage on the back of another story in the news.

It’s a simple idea, but you need to be careful and not just jump on any old bandwagon. Choose your battles wisely!

It’s been perfect for Twitter as news breaks quickly on there and is instantly elevated by the use of hashtags and sharing. The downside is that, to be successful, you need to be quick! One of the most famous examples in Oreo’s newsjacking of the blackout at the Superbowl in 2013 which managed to get them more coverage than any of the headline sponsors that year.

Newsjacking LinkedIn Oreos

LinkedIn now with added Newsjacking

LinkedIn isn’t known for fast moving news so has never really had the opportunity for businesses users to get their business coverage by piggy backing another story.

Until now!

We just spotted a new feature on LinkedIn headed “What people are talking about now” (catchy eh). In this panel LinkedIn staff curate the days top corporate news and pull the the stories from main news titles, which they select.

Now, if you are posting about any of these related stories you’ve a chance of being included in this list of people reading or writing about them. On some searches we found posts which were us to three weeks old, so it’s still pretty slow paced as far as Newsjacking goes.

Should one of your posts become part of the feed there’s a link at the bottom of each post which asks “Join the Conversation” encouraging readers to wade on and engage with your post. And engagement is what its all about.

LinkedIn Newsjacking

LinkedIn Newsjacking

LinkedIn Newsjacking

This appears to be a very new feature on LinkedIn, and like so many additions to the site may not stick around if it doesn’t gain traction. But for the time being, it looks like Newsjacking LinkedIn could be a very powerful way of increasing the coverage for your business.

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