Pharmaceutical SEO Success for IE Launch

Established over 17 years ago, IE are pharma launch excellence specialists.

When we started working with IE on their website, they had a brief yet stunning new website. And a fantastic industry positioning. However, their website wasn’t designed to bring in new leads. Instead, they needed a spoonful of pharmaceutical SEO.

We shared ideas for how they could optimise their website. We gave direction on the creation of new content. And we held monthly consultations to support internal marketing activities.

We launched their SEO campaign in early June 2021 and worked with IE for ten months until Lumanity acquired them in March this year, creating a leading end-to-end pharmaceutical product commercialization and launch excellence organisation.

Their website copy now truly reflects their industry positioning as the leaders in Launch Excellence.

pharmaceutical seo case study

Pharmaceutical SEO Project Report

SEO Audit

Our work began with a website and SEO audit, which, in the case of this project, detailed ways in which the website needed to be adapted to prepare it for optimisation, and the kind of content required across the site to give the site the best chance of competing in the client’s search landscape, based on competitor and market research.

Auditing blogs in a similar way, we proposed a refined process and strategy to help the client turn excellent, thematic starting points, into effective, optimised blogs that generate leads.

Keyword Strategy and Keyword Research

Effective pharmaceutical SEO starts and ends with Keyword strategy and keyword research.

We explored the keyword-type required for each website page, considering the knowledge base of the site’s range of potential users, and the detail of the keyword in relation to the depth of page within the site’s architecture, to ensure we covered a range of both general and specific key terms, that spoke to the widest possible range of user searches.

Directing content

Sometimes, clients like to handle their own copywriting and page optimisation, and this was one such project.

We provided a plan for each page of copy that detailed the necessary points to expose in order to serve the user, answer all the likely questions users were likely to have, and ensure the copy converted.

After the collaborative process of proofing, editing and adapting the content was complete, we provided a page optimisation process, detailing each and every point that required attention, and the steps to take on each point, in order to ensure effective optimisation.

The results

  • We helped the IE team transform their website into a comprehensive website with 11 Search Engine Optimised pages.
  • This included a copy-rich blog section, and 11 keywords all ranking within the top 5 positions.
  • Our final SEO report shows that we achieved 1st position rankings for 9 of 11 keywords.
  • We also secured two highly sought after Google snippet features.

When we rebranded and created a new website, we sought some external expertise to optimise the content we were creating. The Marketing Optimist were the obvious choice. They provided direction and data to help us create content that not only resonated with our target audience, but also raised our profile on search engines to align with our 'word of mouth' reputation as the leaders in launch excellence.

Lottie Berry

Launch Excellence Partner | Marketing, IE