Aligning video content with your marketing strategy

By: Christopher Fox

Welcome back to part two of our blog, written to help you plan and prepare for a video shoot . In part one, titled “How to plan video content and prepare for a shoot”, we identified the many benefits of utilising video marketing and the initial planning and practical planning stages. Here we help you turn video marketing, from concept to reality, with planning/strategy guidance and a crash-course in shot lists helping you to prepare effectively.

Aligning video content with marketing strategy

Now you’ve established how to convey your brand, messaging, and your positioning in the industry via video content, identified the individuals involved in creating it, how the content will be captured and where, it’s time to turn theory into a reality.

By aligning video content with your business’s current marketing strategy, you can start to see how this powerful content-type can bring your messaging to life.

By referencing video marketing work we’ve deployed for client Martin Johnson, we hope to show how video content can plug directly into your current strategy, enhance your output and send engagement soaring.

Helped by the fact that Martin has his own studio for shooting video content (complete with green screen) and is something of a content king, together we’ve helped generate leads and a far wider awareness of his business, services and products.

The founder of quite a complicated but wonderful business to Market, YourBigPic, (combining Business Consultancy with a unique product/business tool), both we and Martin believe that video content has been a huge contributing factor in the B2B marketing success his business has experienced so far.

Regarding Key Messages and the copy used in the associated social posts and website pages, it is important for us to condense these down to their absolute “take-home points”, while the Key Message Video content can expand on the point. This means that Martin’s products, services and the purpose of the business are immediately understandable, while those with the knowledge to delve deeper into the finer details can do so via the videos.

If your messaging or business purpose is complicated, or even typical of a business within a niche or specialist industry, using video to deliver a different level of information than the associated copy might be a great way to ensure you engage and attract as many members of your target audience as possible.

Similarly, when it comes to marketing Martin’s products, we have two things to consider. We must ensure not only the promotion of these products, but also (due to the nature of the business and products) that the audience are able to understand how the products should be used.

To deliver on both fronts, we created a new “How-to” video series, delivered across social media, hosted on YouTube and embedded into Martin’s website. Each video featured Martin discussing the many ways the product can be utilised, the benefits for the employees/businesses using the product and a demonstration utilising the product.

Noticing a spike in engagement, and of possible leads reaching out to discuss his work and products, we extended video marketing to the world of Webinars. Not only do Webinars help Martin get in front of perspective customers, but they also help to position him as the credible, authentic and unique presence he is, amongst those in his industry.

By filming trailers for each Webinar, and marketing these across social media, we can ensure Martin’s Webinars are well-attended.

Recording the Webinars, and post-marketing these videos across social media, as well as embedding each recorded Webinar into his associated website page and fortnightly email newsletter etc, video content is delivering real results for us, helping to further Martin’s offer, broaden the awareness of his business/products, generate leads, fulfil KPI’s and bring his messaging to life.

The personal nature of how the videos are deployed helps to drive home that Martin is reachable and available to chat, a knowledge lead in his field, and a dimensional and likeable human being (people buy from people blah blah) behind a very interesting business. Video helps to humanise your business like nothing else.

After getting to know our client more closely, learning the things that interest him as a person, and finding many parallels with his business, we embarked on a very different video marketing project. Going down more of a personal branding path, we arranged a series of videos that pull from Martin’s interests, passions and even his home environment. Why? To further humanise the business, and show where the complex thinking behind the conception of the product came from.

We’ve taken a similar approach in terms of Event Marketing too. Creating trailers for each event that each speak to a particular element of the event, for example, a summary, the audience, what to expect, and a course breakdown.

We even had Martin film two versions of these videos in two different locations, giving us more collateral in which to market with. The change of scenery also speaks to the importance of engagement, helping to grab the attention of audience members we maybe haven’t yet reached with this particular topic.

These event videos provide us with a constant content cycle with which to target at Martin’s audience, generating conversions and a wider interest in the events.

After each event, we capture video testimonials from all delegates. Editing them, using branded title screens and a few simple video-editing techniques, we produce videos utilised for the future marketing of events, and longer show reel-style videos that serve as great evergreen event content.

Preparing for your video shoot

When we work with clients on video content, we produce a shot list. This is a great way to ensure that you use your shooting time in the optimum way, that your content ideas align with your marketing strategy, and that your vision is fully realised before pressing “record”.

It’s important not to confuse a shot list with a storyboard. Shot lists allow a far great amount of detail, which is why we utilise them at The Marketing Optimist.

Perfect for scenarios in which we can’t be present with our client at the time of the shoot, we can direct the shoot from afar, giving as much detail as we feel necessary

If it’s likely you’ll be planning, shooting and featuring in video content single-handedly, shot lists still provide a huge number of benefits.

how to plan video content

Shot lists enable you to:

  • Direct the entire project, to ensure crucial, necessary information, is covered.
  • Fully plan the shoot to ensure it aligns with your marketing strategy, current initiatives and serves its purpose entirely.
  • Set time lengths for each video.

Set time limits for each video ahead of time, so you, or the individual featuring in the video can ensure they prepare accordingly, to present the necessary information in the allotted time.

  • Trail different video concepts.

Be brave, use the shot list to plan the video you really want to see, but ensure a successful result by including a more considered, simpler and perhaps “safer” version, to make sure, from the content captured, there is a “workable” version.

  • Influence the tone in which the individual featuring in the video is delivering the material.

Some video content might be best delivered in a more relaxed style, while other videos may require that professional, and considered tone.

  •  Instruct where the video is shot.

Maybe try shooting the same video, covering the same points, in two different locations. When shared across social media, this helps to generate engagement, as new videos catch the audience’s eye, even if they contain the same information, widening the audience that receive your messaging.

  •  Give the individual featuring in the video (or yourself) the opportunity to rehearse the material, refresh themselves with it, or request further clarity ahead of time.

This removes the possibility that the final result will be anything but high-quality and fit for purpose, without bumbling, awkward silences, or missing the mark.

  •  Ensure “marketing thinking” is always considered.

No matter the individual featuring in the videos, it’s important that your video marketing content hits the desired goal. Use shot lists to detail the cause of action you wish the video object to direct the audience to. If you need the audience to be directed to an associated webpage, to download something, or to get in touch etc, direct the object of your videos to do so.


If we can help you with your video marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch. From helping you get started, to producing shot lists for you, to aligning video marketing with your marketing strategy, we’d love to help. Contact us via the form below.

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