Search Engine Optimisation

Start improving your ranking today

Search Engine Optimisation gives your website a distinct advantage. By ensuring Google shows your page as part of a natural search, rather than paid, it’s much more cost effective too.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), when done successfully, gives businesses a huge competitive advantage. When your customers are looking for information on a product or service, or a solution to a problem, they fire up Google or ask Siri, Cortana or Alexa to find the website which best answers their query.

If your website isn’t optimised to answer those questions and queries, you won’t even get a look in.

Optimising your website for search isn’t a dark art

Long gone are the days when you could stuff your website with keywords, hide them on white text in the footer of your site, or buy lots of links from any site who would sell you them.

To get those top places in searches today you need relevant content on your site, not just on one page, but right across it.

How can we help your site be optimised for search?

We’ve got a long history of helping websites rank for the highest positions in searches. We’ve helped a wide range of companies improve the ranking of their site including: Retail and Ecommerce, Telecoms, Events, Language Services, IT and Recruitment.

Before starting any work we’ll sit down with you to discover the main requirements your business has and discuss how your website will play a part in that.

Our approach is simple and effective

Website review


Using industry leading SEO software we analyse your site and produce a report on any errors or improvements which can be made to improve its position in searches. This report is based on the current best practice around SEO and is constantly updated to reflect any algorithm changes or updates.

This review also includes details on the speed of your site which is very important to Google as well as reporting on the mobile optimisation of the website. Figures vary, but it’s believed that over 50% of all searches are carried out on mobile devices.

Keyword reports


After reviewing the overall health of your site we’ll compile a list of keyword and phrases which relate to the theme and subject of your site. Focussing on the term which have the largest, relevant, volume we’ll propose adjustments and new content for your site to help it appear in the searches for these terms.

These keywords also help us to come up with potential subjects for blogs or even whole marketing campaigns.

By looking at the phrases people actually search for we’ll ensure your site ranks for terms with a decent volume rather than vanity searches which may drive lots of visits to your site, but not generate any business.

Website linking structure


Links are still a very important part of successful search engine optimisation. External links give Google and the other search engines, an indication of the quality of the content on your site.

Internal links also help by making the user journey for visitors much easier, getting around your site is about much more than the navigation bar.

Search ranking reports


Using powerful tools we’ll produce reports in to how well your content is ranking for the subject keywords selected. Search Engine optimisation is not a silver bullet and can take time to produce the desired results.

Our search ranking reports will show you the progress of the work we are carrying out for you.

Shall we have a chat?

If we can help you with any area of your marketing, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the button below, or by calling 0113 477 1210. From SEO, to full service marketing and everything in between, we’re the marketing department you don’t have.

Working with The Marketing Optimist has really boosted our digital marketing and search engine optimization efforts. Richard is extremely responsive and proactive and a pleasure to work with. He has created blog postings and press materials that have taken complex technology topics and boiled them down to clear, accessible language, giving our marketing campaigns powerful impact.

Adam Boone
Consulting CMO/VP Marketing
Tango Networks