The SEO Agency Making Optimisation Click

The Marketing Optimist are an SEO agency that puts you firmly in the picture. We cut through the technical ins and outs of search engine optimisation, to help you understand your SEO campaign, your business’s place in its search landscape, and to ensure you can enjoy the wins along the way, on the journey to effective SEO.

SEO is not a mysterious dark art, nor is it a quick process for easy wins, but with the right approach, it could be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal.

An SEO Agency With A Unique Approach

How We Make Your Optimisation Click!

At The Marketing Optimist, we understand that no marketing “service”, or area of marketing, can be considered on its own, this is especially true of SEO.

We believe an effective SEO agency dives deep into the highly strategic, and explores creative ways to bring the technical to life.

Effective SEO campaigns are built on a strong SEO strategy. One informed by:

  • Your overall marketing strategy
  • A deep knowledge of the way your business operates
  • Your website, the products/services sold on your website, and your site’s routes to conversion
  • An understanding of your business’s search landscape
  • An understanding of your wide range of potential customers, and their search behaviour.

A lot goes into achieving those search engine rankings, with your website itself, its architecture, copy, content (imagery), and technical elements on the back end, all contributing to effective optimisation.

More than just an SEO agency, we cover all things marketing, and combine the expertise of our SEO, and Copywriting/Content creation specialists, to deliver SEO services that succeed in driving leads and conversions.

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Our Process – How It’s Done!

We follow a simple but effective process, which provides a framework for our 100% tailored SEO campaigns, personalised to your business and your specific optimisation goals.

As an SEO agency who pride ourselves on transparency, we document the entire optimisation process, to provide you with a clear record of your SEO strategy and the work we’ve completed, and to help us collaborate with you to inform and agree upon direction. No smoke and mirrors here.

The process starts with a client briefing process, where we get into the nitty gritty with you to establish a deep understanding of your business, your products/services, and your industry.

Website and SEO Audit

To lay the groundwork for our audit, we take a deep dive into the search landscape for your industry and type of business, into your competitors (evaluating their website, content and optimisation), and into the furthest corners of your website to ensure we know every last detail about your business and offering.

Armed with these insights, to inform our approach, we then begin compiling our audit. These comprehensive documents feature:

Proposed changes to your existing website, its design and functionality

  • A newly proposed website architecture
  • A page by page review detailing the level and kind of content required from both a user and optimisation perspective
  • A page by page review of the level and effectiveness of any optimisation in place, and the optimisation elements missing.

This isn’t about finding holes left by your previous SEO agency, it’s about identifying every opportunity for optimisation we can, leaving no stone unturned, to ensure SEO success.

These detailed audits become the framework of our SEO strategy.

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Keyword Research

Recorded as part of the audit, keyword research is an art of its own, where we use industry-leading tools to collect a large pool of real life search terms, and their associated search metrics, relevant to your business and products/services.

We’ve seen many an SEO agency oversimplify this process, simply skimming the top, rather than milling the depths of a business’s search landscape, inline with a wider strategy, to identify the most effective, valuable terms.

At The Marketing Optimist, we consider:

  • Your specific marketing funnel, and the optimisation opportunities at each stage
  • Your wide range of potential customers
  • The action you want them to take
  • How your business, and each of your products or services help them
  • The level of knowledge each of your potential customers may have of your business and products/services upon landing on your website

The keyword research process gives us genuine, reliable, insight into the real life search behaviour of your potential customers, helping us to identify the most relevant real life search terms, with the highest search metrics, to drive all important organic traffic to your website.

Next, we map these terms to our newly proposed website architecture, resulting in a clear record of the term each page, and its copy, will be optimised for.

Copywriting and Page Optimisation

A killer SEO strategy, and the perfect pool of high value key terms, will only get you so far.

Optimised copy is imperative to effective optimisation. Copy-shy businesses, take note.

Not only does your copy need to be optimised for search, but to make your SEO count, your copy needs to convert when users land on your website. Flashy images, while important, don’t guide users to conversion.

More than just an SEO agency, our skilled copywriters blend the creative and technical to first craft the perfect copy, in the perfect voice, for your specific business, products/services, and range of potential customers, that speaks to their needs, and guides them to conversion.

Of course, our copy has the elements of optimisation required for effective SEO expertly woven through it, including quality, helpful, optimised content with natural keyword placement, internal and outbound links, and title/heading formatting, to ensure that users generated by your SEO efforts are retained on site, and led to convert.

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Monthly Search Engine Ranking Reports

Keen to break the SEO agency mould, we keep reporting simple yet effective.

We won’t send you impenetrable, lengthy PDF’s filled with mindless data, we break it down to only the most important, tell-all data points that give you a clear indication of your position in your search landscape.

Anybody can export a load of google analytics data. We use industry-leading tools to track your rankings, which we provide along with an easily understandable translation, in combination with only the most valuable google analytics data relevant to your website, to create simple, accessible, understandable, and effective monthly reports.

When your rankings begin to settle, your monthly report will begin including the further steps we plan to make that month across your website, to enhance the optimisation of certain pages, and increase your rankings.

More Than An SEO Agency

At The Marketing Optimist, our expertise spans far beyond SEO.

We provide full service marketing to a huge range of clients, from a diverse range of industries, providing: Marketing Strategy, Social Media Strategy, Content Creation and Platform Management, Paid Search, Website Design and Development, Digital PR, and the SEO strategy and services you’ve been reading about.

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Working with The Marketing Optimist has been an absolute pleasure. They have listened and taken time to really understand our audience and gone above and beyond to ensure our experience was extremely tailored. Although we are still in the early stages we began seeing results very early on. Our bounce rate has decreased by 40% and traffic increased steadily month on month.

Marina Townsend

eCommerce Director, The Edit LDN

SEO Case Studies

The Edit LDN

Managing advanced eCommerce SEO

Key West Pest Control

Webdesign and SEO for Pest Control

IE Launch

SEO project for a pharmaceutical launch business.

Scandinavian Homes

Content creation and SEO for Luxury Self Build Homes.

Enviro Clean

How we helped carpet cleaning company Enviro Clean grow their sales.

Tango Networks

Marketing support for a global telecoms business

When we rebranded and created a new website, we sought some external expertise to optimise the content we were creating. The Marketing Optimist were the obvious choice. They provided direction and data to help us create content that not only resonated with our target audience, but also raised our profile on search engines to align with our 'word of mouth' reputation as the leaders in launch excellence.

Lottie Berry

Launch Excellence Partner | Marketing, IE

Frequently Asked SEO Questions

How long does it take for SEO to begin making an impact on my website rankings?

Rankings can begin shifting very quickly, however, the rankings of key terms in young campaigns fluctuate wildly, and therefore do not give a reliable picture of where your rankings will settle. For this reason, we check your rankings regularly, but will not report on your campaign for at least the first few months.

What makes us a unique SEO agency, is our commitment to driving value, not wasting your time with statistics that won’t matter tomorrow. We’ll start reporting to you when your campaign begins to settle, and then you’ll see your rankings clicking into position month on month. When we have a reliable view of your place in your search landscape, we can act on the rankings if required, to accelerate your position.

My business has already worked with an SEO agency. Our site has been optimised, we’re just not seeing results. Can you work with what is there?

This isn’t unusual, and when we embark upon a SEO project for a website with optimisation in place, we document your existing keywords, and deploy detailed keyword research on these terms, noting their associated metrics.

Often, we find the optimisation in place is ineffective, and the keywords chosen are too oversimplified to drive any value in search, but we compare the existing key terms (and their metrics), with the terms identified in our own detailed keyword research process, which also explores who your audience are via real life searches. We select keywords based on their estimated monthly metrics, the competition around each term, their relevance to key prospective user types, and to the page and its content.

We often find that website page copy isn’t effectively optimised, and optimisation opportunities across the page have been ignored, but we can work with your copy as a starting point, and craft optimised copy around it. More than just an , most of our clients opt to have our skilled Copywriters write their website copy, to not only ensure it generates traffic, but leads users to convert, better positions their business in their industry, and brings their brand to life.

Will my business be committed to a particular contract length?

SEO is a long term strategy. A living process that requires management.

A 12 month contract allows ample time to for us to create a strong strategy, deploy deep keyword and audience research, adapt your website to prepare it for effective optimisation, create or direct the creation of optimised copy, implement optimisation across your website, track your terms, see where your terms settle in search engine rankings naturally – and importantly – allow us the opportunity to react to these rankings to enhance optimisation.

Alternatively, some clients opt for 6 month commitment initially, enabling us to complete our optimisation process, before minimising their commitment to simply receiving monthly SEO reports. However, for these clients, the essential reactive work we do in response to these monthly rankings (creating supporting content, and adapting page copy and page elements, to accelerate the optimisation of your pages, and increase your visibility in the competitive world of search), is then a separate project, with its own quote.

Who will my business be working with?

Initially, you’ll work with our Founder, Richard Michie, who’ll soon make an introduction to our SEO and Copywriting specialist, Chris Fox, who will be deploying the entire SEO process, and will be your point of contact for day to day matters.

Do you hold regular meetings with us to discuss the progress of the SEO campaign, the results in SEO reports, and the work you propose in response to the rankings?

No two clients are the same. Some want weekly zoom meetings, others are happy to leave it with us, and catch us less frequently.

We have found weekly calls to be really important in the early stages of a project, where we can take the time to explore the wider strategy for both your business and the project we’re working on. SEO can be tricky to understand, so calls like this enable us to translate your reports in real time, in real life terms that you understand, to put you firmly in the picture.

We generate monthly SEO reports, which track the rankings of the key terms used across your website. We do this on a monthly basis because it gives us a more accurate indication of your rankings, with rankings fluctuating by the hour. Please, note, it takes time for optimisation to take effect, and for rankings to settle so they can be reliably reported on.

While our main focus is SEO, my business needs additional marketing support in other areas. Can you help?

We can absolutely help you with other areas of marketing, from Marketing Strategy, to Social Media Marketing, PPC, Digital PR, and Website Design and Development, though we’d need to provide you with a separate proposal for the additional support you require.