Social media services that make your marketing click

Today, most businesses understand that social media services are an essential part of any B2B and B2C marketing mix. Where they struggle, is finding the right approach.

The Marketing Optimist are a different kind of social media marketing agency, with an approach that blends a strategic focus, with great creativity, to create the perfect tailored social strategy, and inventive, targeted, effective campaigns, for your business.

We stray away from throw away “factory social” posts, and create targeted social campaigns that bring your brand to life, and deliver measurable results, by speaking directly to your customers. Engagement is only part of it, we’re all about social marketing that drives real, tangible value. That’s social that clicks.

At The Marketing Optimist, we develop a deep understanding of your:

  • Brand
  • Business (and how it operates)
  • Industry (and the social landscape for your industry)
  • Competitors (and how they use social media)
  • Greater marketing plan

This enables us to create a social media strategy that connects with your online and offline marketing activities, and informs creative social campaigns that not only find your customers, but drive brand recognition, generate leads and drive conversions.

More than a social media marketing agency, we’re an extension of your business, driving significant value beyond the world of social, into your greater marketing mix.

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Social Media Strategies That Click

Social strategies are not one size fits all. An effective social strategy must connect seamlessly with your overarching marketing plan, speak to your range of different customers, their values, their needs, and provide them with the brand relationship they expect.

As a social media marketing agency dedicated to strategic planning, we dive deep into researching your audience, learning who your range of customers are, their problems, needs, and expectations. With the expertise of our SEO department, we can pull from real life search terms, to learn more about your audience, and to help inform creative campaigns that directly address their needs.

Finding your customers on Social Media

Our social media services put your audience at the centre of everything we do. Our social specialists know where to find your customers across social media, and have a firm grasp of the evolving B2B and B2C social landscapes. This enables us to identify the perfect social platforms for your brand, and the optimal form and style of content, both for your audience, across your chosen range of social platforms, and for different kinds of messaging across these platforms.

A social strategy is so much more than planning out content ideas to roll out across Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or TikTok. Whichever platforms we’ll be managing for you, we’ll help you uncover the strategic potential across each, and turn our strategy and audience insights into crafted, targeted campaigns, content and messaging that engages, informs and generate leads.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Social media services need to target the right customers

Successful social campaigns are targeted campaigns. At The Marketing Optimist, this starts at the strategy level. Once we develop a deep understanding of your audience, we have a good indication of where to find them across social platforms. But, we don’t stop there! We dive into each platform to locate your range of customers, and analyse their activity, and the content they’re engaging with.

As a social media marketing agency dedicated to delivering a tailored service, we’ll only recommend you use the platforms most valuable to you.


Facebook is the world’s most popular social media network, and a brilliant brand building platform. With so many users, the platform is often an obvious choice for B2C brands, as your customers are almost certainly here, but with the right strategy, the platform can be immensely powerful for B2B brands also.


For highly visual brands, Instagram is a must. This doesn’t mean you need flashy images of products to be successful across this platform, but you will need plenty of content, and be able to move quickly to drive results on “the gram”. This, and with a clear plan of what you want to achieve, the payoffs can be huge.


Threads is the new social media platform from Meta and is attached to Instagram accounts. It works in a very similar way to X/Twitter but, so far, without the issues around spam accounts and abuse which still dog Twitter. Launched in July 2023 the platform quickly gained Millions of users worldwide.


LinkedIn is so much more than an online CV, it’s an essential tool for B2B brands, and the perfect way to build long-lasting business relationships with prospects and suppliers. A B2B-savvy social media agency like us can utilise this platform to build both your business, and personal brands, and position you as thought leaders in your industry.

X – Previously known as Twitter

X/Twitter is possibly the fastest moving social platform, perfect for up-to-the-second news, commentary, customer service, social outreach, and brand building. For the right business, with the right brand, products and services, or business owner with an appropriate approach to the platform, X can be a great way to build an audience and generate conversation around your business.


Definitely no longer an app for dancing teens, TikTok is a social media phenomenon that drives consumer trends. Perfect for B2C brands with lust-able products and a stylistic approach to content, and for B2B brands with the right approach to content across this platform, TikTok can be a hugely powerful selling tool.

No social platform is a silver bullet. To achieve social success across any social platform, you need the support, strategic ability, and creativity of a trusted social media marketing agency, who you can work with to create social media content you can be proud of. Social that clicks.

Social Media Marketing Agency

A Social Media Marketing Agency Making Social Management Click

Profile Optimisation

We start by conducting an in-house audit of your social media platforms to gauge how optimised your social media platforms are.

This is about uncovering untapped opportunities across your social platforms to maximise your impact, and to optimise your platforms for the sales of your products and services.

Content Creation and Curation

At The Marketing Optimist, we give content the strategic consideration it’s due, to ensure the content we create:

  • Brings to life the greater campaign it’s supporting
  • Finds entertaining, educational and interesting ways to market your products, services and business activities
  • Gives light and shade to campaign or sales related content
  • Correctly positions your business, and represents your brand
  • Drives your audience to act

No “factory social” posts from this social media marketing agency! Our content and messaging is crafted by grounding our creativity in a strong strategy, and real-life audience and industry insights, to create content that well and truly clicks.

This grounding in strategy helps to naturally curate the content across your social media accounts, to ensure the right mix and variety of content for your audience.

Social Media Planning & Reporting

Social Media Planning & Reporting

The Marketing Optimist, are a plain talking social media agency, who do away with impenetrable jargon, and deliveries of massive monthly documents, to break down the complexities of social media planning and reporting, to enable you to understand and enjoy the journey to social media success.

We’ll first work with you to determine the perfect frequency of posting, before delivering monthly social media plans for your clearance, containing messaging, content, the associated URL the post will link to, and hashtags, for each individual post across the next month of social media activity. This puts you back in control, and enables you to have the final say on each and every post, which we can adapt informed by your feedback.

Marketing agency reports are infamous for their incredible length, and often staggering nonsense:usefulness ratio. As a social media marketing agency committed to keeping things simple yet devilishly effective, our social media reports contain the essential measurements and metrics you need, and nothing else.

We don’t need to pad out our social media reports with useless data, they’re pretty comprehensive, and contain:

  • Monthly Follower Metrics – Gained & Lost Followers, Most Popular Follower Location, Senior Level Followers, Top 3 Industries, and more, for each of your social platforms.
  • Monthly Page Visitor Metrics – Page Views, Unique Visitors, and Custom Button Clicks across each of your social platforms.
  • Your Best Performing Posts that month – Across each of your social media platforms.
  • Monthly Website Sessions from Social – Measuring the website traffic our social media posts have driven across each platform. The number of sessions that came from each social platform, and the link that generated the most website sessions across each social platform.
  • Page Views/Content Breakdown – The website page that saw the most social traffic that month, and the content on the website page that received the most interaction.

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Social Media Strategy

More Than A Social Media Agency

At The Marketing Optimist, our expertise spans far beyond social media marketing.

Looking for a social media agency and search engine optimisation support? Want to add a paid search service to your social media and marketing mix? We can help.

We provide full service marketing to a huge range of clients, from a diverse range of industries, providing: Marketing Strategy, SEO, Paid Search, Website Design and Development, Digital PR, and the Social Media Strategy, Content Creation and Platform Management services you’ve been reading about.

Let’s have a chat today, and see how we can help make your marketing click!

Let’s have a chat today, and see how we can help make your marketing click!

Interested in speaking to The Optimists?

The Marketing Optimist has been brilliant at helping us establish a Facebook advertising programme that drives sales. From websites pixels to custom audiences, admin access to UTM tracking they have helped us with every question we have or barrier we’ve hit. The return on investment we have seen on our Facebook adverts is way above the channel’s benchmarks, so we are chuffed!

Laura Shephard

Social Media Strategist, Hey Human

Case Studies

Right from the beginning of our time working with The Marketing Optimist, they’ve taken the time and effort to get to understand Sharp Consultancy as a business and not just a client. We’ve seen a huge increase in the effectiveness of our social media strategy, particularly on LinkedIn and we’re delighted with the impact it’s had on the business.

Jamie Caulfield

Regional Director, Sharp Consultancy

Sharp Consultancy

B2B Social Media for recruitment

We are delighted to be working with The Marketing Optimist on this programme, the collaborative work has allowed us to reach individuals who would not usually engage in learning activities. The dedicated website has allowed us to showcase the fantastic work that is happening across York and North Yorkshire.

Lois Calvert

Multiply Development Manager, North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council


Marketing for Local Government

I would highly recommend working with the team at The Marketing Optimist. They took the time to understand our programmes, our values and what is important to us. I loved their creativity in helping us reach our audience. The friendly approach of the whole team made The Marketing Optimist feel like an extension of our organisation. Thank you for your support

Natasha Babar-Evans

CEO, Better Connect

Better Connect

Digital PR and video production for events

Our social media audience is small, won’t that be a problem?

Part of our social media service is account building, cultivating an audience to ensure we have lots of eyes on the campaigns and content we publish, and growing your social networks across your chosen accounts.

We’ve worked with a social media marketing agency in the past, and haven’t seen results. Can we see some of the metrics you’ve generated in previous campaigns?

Our Founder, Richard Michie, is always happy to talk to you about the kinds of social campaigns we’ve previously ran, and their results, whilst of course protecting the anonymity of our clients. Simply get in touch with us to arrange a call. Until then, explore this social media case study.

We’re not totally new to social media, and we’re a creative business with our own ideas too. Can we help contribute to social media content?


From the earliest strategy stage, you’ll have regular meetings with Founder, Richard Michie, and Content and SEO Manager, Chris Fox, where we’ll welcome your contribution to the creative content and direction of your strategy, and pick your brains in discovery to further our knowledge.

When content creation begins, you’ll have monthly meetings with Social Media Executive, Courtney West, who will welcome your ideas, share her own, and work with you to create creative, strategically aligned content.

Will my business be committed to a particular contract length?

As a social media marketing agency committed to strategy, we like to produce 12 month social media plans for our clients, containing a number of campaigns designed to connect your social marketing with your business goals, to drive real results.

While social media marketing is both a fast, and reactive medium, and while we produce great results for our clients rather quickly, cultivating an audience for your business across your chosen platform, and both creating, and perfectly pacing out the delivery of social media campaigns, can take time.

Constant presence, and the repetition of messaging in new and engaging ways, is the route to social success, and longer term contracts, and retainer contracts specifically, enable us to learn more, drive more value, and become an integral part of your marketing team.

Who will my business be working with?

Initially, you’ll work with our Founder, Richard Michie, who’ll soon make an introduction to our Content and SEO Manager, Chris Fox. Richard and Chris will form your social media strategy and overarching campaign ideas.

When you’re happy, you’ll be introduced to Courtney West, who will be creating your monthly social media schedules, the messaging of your social posts, and the content shared across your platforms. When work begins, Courtney will be your point of contact for day to day matters.

Do you hold regular meetings with us to discuss the progress of the social campaigns, the results of social media reports, and future social marketing ideas?

We’ll hold regular Zoom meetings with you through the initial strategy process, to enable us to learn from you, align both parties in the same mode of thinking, help you understand our proposed social strategy, and answer any questions you may have.

This kind of communication will be essential for the planning stage too, to ensure our social plan fully connects your marketing efforts, and business goals.

When the day-to-day social work begins, Courtney will be available by email or phone Monday to Friday, for any reactive matters, or to help in any way, and can hold a monthly Zoom meeting with you to translate your social media report, and talk you through the proposed work she’ll be doing that month in response to the report.

While our main focus is Social Media Marketing, my business needs additional marketing support in other areas. Can you help?

More than just a social media marketing agency, we can absolutely help you with any other area of your marketing, from Marketing Strategy, to SEO, PPC, Digital PR, and Website Design and Development. Though we’d need to provide you with a separate proposal for the additional support you require.

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