The new year is just around the corner, and a new working year is soon to begin. This is the perfect opportunity to freshen up your social media marketing plan, sharpen your skills and knowledge in the field of social media marketing, and learn new powerful techniques.

We love helping our clients optimise their social media, and work to drive impressive results. And, because we’re lovely, and want to help as many businesses as we can see the fruits of their social media labour, we created our Social Media Masterclass.

Our Social Media Masterclass – An introduction:

Taking place on January 29th 2019, at Wizu Workspace’s Leeming Building in Central Leeds, our Social Media Masterclass will help you demystify social media. You’ll be armed with the techniques to help your social media content, and use of the platforms themselves, drive revenue, and acquire the skills to engage with your customers and grow your audience.

The masterclass prioritises organic growth and practises that don’t require the use of large spending budgets, because with the right techniques, and an understanding of social media platforms, any business can see the incredible benefits of effective social media marketing.

Free half-day marketing consultation included:

Places on our social media training course are £125 per person, and this includes refreshments throughout the day and a break for a supplied lunch. Lunch time will provide ample time for networking, both with other businesses and with us, and we hope to see many of you taking advantage of this. Also included in the ticket price, is a free half-day marketing consultation, at a time of your choosing, worth £200!

After the event, we’re sure you’ll have tons of new ideas, and even more questions surrounding the new marketing plan you’ll likely be itching to form. The free consultation included in the ticket price, will enable you to sit down with us to focus on your business’s social media marketing plan and make some transformative steps towards the future.

Before we get into a little more detail surrounding the masterclass and its content, we want to welcome questions throughout the talk, to give you the opportunity to ask questions directly linked to your business and its social media marketing.

Do you work for a B2B business wanting to use social media to maximise opportunities and generate leads?

Those working for B2B businesses, will be taught how to identify the social media platforms that best service your needs, while being equipped with the skills to increase your sales and raise awareness of your brand and business through your social media effort. We’ll show you that B2C businesses don’t have to have all the fun when it comes to social marketing, and that regardless of your industry, you can make great use of social media and see fantastic results.

I work for a B2C business, how best should I use social media to achieve dramatic results?

Those working in B2C businesses will learn how to reach new customers, how to drive their brand to new undiscovered markets and learn how to use the many incredible features of the platforms that have become havens and brave new worlds for B2C companies. Importantly, for those involved in B2C marketing, you’ll learn about the importance of engaging content, how to use it to appeal to your audience, and how it can be used to transform your current social media landscape.

You can book your place really quickly using the form below. If you feel you need some more in-depth help give us a call on 07834 197785, we’d love to help you.

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