Sleeping on the streets might not sound like your ideal night out, and you’d be right it’s not a bundle on laughs. Luckily for you and me it’s not something we have to do every night. I only slept out for one night to help raise awareness and much needed funds for Leeds based charity for the homeless Simon on the Streets.

Around a hundred people took part in the event, some came together as companies while others chose to take part on their own. We had a nice clear dry night to bed down in the Royal Armouries arena, which is normally home to jousting displays, sleeping on top of rubber chippings designed for horses hooves to gallop over.

The mood among the volunteers was jovial but reflective and we’re all fortunate enough to be able to return to our own beds the next night, a fact which really strikes home once you hear the stories of the real homeless who’s life expectancy is a sobering 47 years.

Please help Simon on the Streets if you can

I’m pleased to say that thanks to the generosity of friends, family and clients, we managed to raise £760 for Simon on the Streets. That money will go towards a range of activities the charity carry out to help and support rough sleepers in West Yorkshire.

There’s still time to help add to the total. My Just Giving page for the Simon on the Streets is still open, if you would like to make a donation to help increase to amount which can be used to assist vulnerable people I’d really appreciate it.

Simon on the Streets

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