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From conception to conversion, we can design and build the perfect website for your business and ensure it produces results.

Make your digital first impression count

The Importance of Our Website Design and Development Services

Your business’s website is a window into your world, your ultimate shop window, and a digital space under your complete control.

No shifting algorithms to contend with here!

As your digital first impression, it’s crucial that your website clearly reflects your message, and the value you deliver, providing the shortest route to conversion possible.

So much more than a marketing tick box, a well-made website, filled with quality content and optimised appropriately for your specific market, is a silent salesperson, working away behind the scenes, delivering conversion after conversion.

The Marketing Optimist have a five-stage approach to web design and development:

  1. Audit
  2. Wireframe
  3. Flat Designs
  4. Build & Populate
  5. Optimise

From Conception to Conversion in 5 Steps

Step 1 – Initial Website Audit


Providing a deep-dive analysis of your existing website, our detailed website audits are invaluable.

Not only outlining issues on the current site, these audits detail how we propose the new website should work, feel, and the content we feel it should have, helping to guide the entire design and build process.

Looking at the load speed of your website pages, with a breakdown of the elements slowing down load times, we also provide a detailed analysis of your existing site’s functionality and usability, helping to inform the new design.

Our website audits focus heavily on your website content. Proposing additional content we feel necessary, the content we feel should be removed, replaced, or repurposed, and the elements required on each page for effective optimisation, this part of the audit process also informs the navigation of your new site.

We then provide an audit of your existing site’s optimisation, offering feedback on its effectiveness, key word choice, and the elements of optimisation left untapped.

Step 2 – Wire Frame


After you’ve mulled over our audit internally, we hold a meeting to ensure you understand the work we propose, to answer any questions, and to action any additional elements you may want to include in the design of your new website.

Then, we begin the wire frame.

A basic visual representation of each page of your new website, in-line with the audit, these documents enable you see the flow of content across each page, and the elements working together to create each one.

Providing you both desktop and mobile representation of your website, wireframes put you firmly in the picture.

Step 3 – Flat Images


After a meeting to present the wireframe to you, and answer any questions you may have, the wire frames are sent to our designer, who, using the document as a guide, creates flat website designs of your new website.

A non-responsive, graphic version of your website, these flat images will have you clicking about like they’re the real deal.

Providing you with a few variations on the website design outlined in the previous steps, the design you select will guide our developer in building your new site.

This is a crucial stage of the process. By defining the website design before we begin the build, we can ensure the project remains on time and on budget!

Step 4 – Build and Populate


Now, we bring your site to life.

With the previous steps guiding the build 100%, you can rest assured that no strange surprises await!

Making the design a reality, our skilled developers deliver visually stunning websites with clear, simple functionality, ready for content.

We begin the website build on a secure password protected “development” server, enabling us to keep your existing site live and unaffected while your new one is under construction.

Creating websites in WordPress offers us the greatest flexibility to design the website you need. Providing almost endless flexibility, our WordPress developments can support e-commerce requirements, membership portals and beyond.

Step 5 – Optimisation


Whether you choose to populate your own site with written and graphic content, or whether our copywriters and content executives will be handling this for you, it’s essential that this content is optimised for your specific market.

Helping to ensure you’re found by your prospective customers or clients, an unoptimised, or poorly optimised website, provides absolutely no value.

Conducting key word research in your specific market, we provide a carefully crafted key word list, mapping them to the website pages we believe they should be associated with.

Ensuring content is written with optimisation in mind, or effectively optimising the content provided ensures that pages rank well in search engine rankings.

Tracking your rankings month to month using industry leading tools, we can also provide monthly SEO reports and ongoing support, ensuring you remain competitive in the world of search.

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Working with The Marketing Optimist has really boosted our digital marketing and search engine optimization efforts. Richard is extremely responsive and proactive and a pleasure to work with. He has created blog postings and press materials that have taken complex technology topics and boiled them down to clear, accessible language, giving our marketing campaigns powerful impact.

Adam Boone
Consulting CMO/VP Marketing
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