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Your business’s website is the home of your brand online, a digital representation of your business, its offering, and unique character. It’s your ultimate shop window, and a digital space under your complete control. No shifting algorithms to contend with here!

Our website design services help to create the ultimate digital first impression for your business, a website that clearly reflects your message, the value you deliver, and provides users with the shortest route to conversion possible. We can also work with your existing website, and apply our highly effective in-house process to help it start generating results.

Your website is so much more than a marketing tick box. A site filled with quality optimised content, that speaks to your range of potential users/customers, and helps position you in your market and search landscape, is a silent salesperson, working away behind the scenes, delivering conversion after conversion.

This is what we do. Via an approach grounded in strategy, we help connect your website, with your range of potential users, and your wider marketing and business goals, to create a traffic, sales and lead generating, user converting machine.

The Marketing Optimist 5 step approach to website design services is:

  • Audit
  • Wireframe
  • Flat Designs
  • The Build
  • Content and Optimisation

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From Conception to Conversion in 5 Steps

Step 1 – Initial Website Audit

We start with an audit of your website. This detailed deep-dive analysis of your existing website, its functionality, content, and optimisation, is an invaluable tool that forms the strategy for your website build.

Audits are the heart of our website design services, helping to guide the entire design and build process.

This detailed document is the blueprint of your website, detailing not only issues on your existing website (speed, functionality, useability, content, optimisation), but how we propose the new website should work, feel, and the content we feel it should have.

We focus on your content because it’s essential to position your brand effectively, communicate with your users impactfully, and lead them to conversion. Your audit will include proposed additional content, detail the content we feel should be adapted, removed, or replaced, and identify the elements required on each page for effective optimisation.

This part of the process helps to form the new navigation of your new website, as well as the strategy for its design and development.

We then provide an audit of your existing site’s optimisation, offering feedback on its effectiveness, your keyword selection, and the elements of optimisation left untapped.

Step 2 – Wire Frame

Throughout the 5 step process we follow while deploying our website design services, we hold meetings with you to ensure you understand, are onboard with, and can contribute to the work we’re doing, to put you firmly in the picture.

We’ll hold a meeting with you to talk through the contents of the audit, ensure you’re happy with the direction of the strategy within, and answer your questions, before moving onto step 2. The wire frame.

Wireframes are visual representations of each page of your new website. We provide you with both desktop and mobile wireframes, created inline with the strategy formed from the audit process, enabling you to see the flow of content across each page, and the placement and purpose of the different elements across each website page.

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Step 3 – Flat Images

After a meeting to present the wireframes to you, and after we’ve made any tweaks you may request, our designers get to work creating flat designs of your website pages, using the audit document and strategy as a guide.

These images are non-responsive, detailed, graphic versions of your website pages. They’ll have you clicking about like they’re the real deal.

We provide you with a few variations, to put you in control, and enable you to select the variant you feel is perfect, or identify the elements you like from each, to create a page design that is the perfect blend of the variants provided, as we move forward in building your site.

This is a crucial stage in our 5 step approach to website design services, helping to define the website design before we begin the build, to ensure the project remains on time and on budget!

Step 4 – The Build

When you’re happy, our skilled developers will create your visually stunning website, and implement the architecture and functionality outlined in the audit document, to create a site that’s ready for content.

With the previous steps guiding the build 100%, you can rest assured that no strange surprises await!

At The Marketing Optimist, we build your new website on a secure password protected “development” server, enabling us to keep your existing site live and unaffected while your new one is under construction.

Creating websites in WordPress offers us the greatest flexibility to design the website you need. Providing almost endless flexibility, our WordPress developments can support e-commerce requirements, membership portals and more.

Unlike most providers of website design services, we don’t stop at just creating your website.

Step 5 – Content and Optimisation

Whether your website will be populated with copy written by our skilled copywriters, or whether we’ll be helping direct you to craft your own copy, it’s essential that this content is optimised effectively.

This is the final, essential step in our website design services. Your website content must not only speak directly to your range of potential customers, and drive users to convert, but it must be optimised to generate traffic.

The optimisation process starts with keyword research, where we use industry-leading tools to collect a large pool of real life search terms, and their associated search metrics, relevant to your business and products/services. We then identify the most relevant real life search terms, with the highest search metrics, for each page, mapping keywords to the pages of your navigation, to drive all important organic traffic to your website.

Website design and development

More Than Providers of Website Design Services

Looking for website design and development services and ongoing search engine optimisation support? – Enabling us to track your keyword rankings month to month using industry leading tools, provide monthly SEO reports, and deploy reactive work in response to your monthly rankings, to ensure you remain competitive in the world of search.

Perhaps you’d like to add some Google Ad words to your marketing mix? We can help.

We provide full service marketing to a huge range of clients, from a diverse range of industries, supporting them with: Marketing Strategy, SEO, Paid Search, Social Media Marketing, Digital PR, and the website design services you’ve been reading about. Get in touch today.

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We are delighted to be working with The Marketing Optimist on this programme, the collaborative work has allowed us to reach individuals who would not usually engage in learning activities. The dedicated website has allowed us to showcase the fantastic work that is happening across York and North Yorkshire.

Lois Calvert

Multiply Development Manager, North Yorkshire Council and City of York Council

Working with The Marketing Optimist has really boosted our digital marketing and search engine optimisation efforts. The team is extremely responsive and proactive and a pleasure to work with. They have created blog postings and press materials that have taken complex technology topics and boiled them down to clear, accessible language, giving our marketing campaigns powerful impact.

Adam Boone

Vice President of Strategic Planning, Tango Networks

Case Studies

Scandinavian Homes

Content creation and SEO for Luxury Self Build Homes.

Enviro Clean

How we helped carpet cleaning company Enviro Clean grow their sales.

Tango Networks

Marketing support for a global telecoms business

We’ve been aware of The Marketing Optimist for a long time, and our team have attended their Social Media Masterclass, as well as private marketing consultations with CEO Richard, to help boost our in-house marketing skills.

However, when it came to designing and developing our new website and tackling search engine optimisation to bring in more leads, we knew we needed their help.

The team were very helpful, consulting with us at each stage of the process, and their expertise has helped transform our website to be more modern and visually engaging. We hope that it will target our ideal users, and provide ongoing content that encourages conversion, filtering traffic down to quality leads.

We’re very happy with the support we’ve received and will continue to work with The Marketing Optimist in the future.

Teresa Jones

Scandinavian Homes

We’re proud of our social media marketing, can you connect our social feeds with our website to elevate our social content?

Yes we can. We can not only incorporate social media feeds into your website design, so your users can engage with your social content without leaving your website, but we can also utilise any fitting content you’ve created, in the imagery across the website.

Regarding the optimisation stage of your 5 step approach to website design services, can we see some of the SEO results, or metrics, you’ve achieved for your web design clients?

Absolutely. Founder, Richard, and SEO and Content Manager, Chris, are more than happy to explore the results and metrics we’ve achieved on SEO campaigns relevant to your business type or industry, while protecting the anonymity of our clients.

Our current website isn’t built in WordPress. Can you work with our existing site in its Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or other CRM?

At The Marketing Optimist, we favour WordPress, and we’ve produced great results working with Shopify websites, for Ecommerce clients too. We transition clients away from Squarespace and Wix to the more reliable, professional, optimisation-friendly, CMS of WordPress or Shopify if relevant.

Our current website isn’t built in WordPress. Can you transfer the website over the WordPress without us losing our content, data, or going offline at all?

In most cases, data and content can be exported from your existing CMS, over to WordPress or Shopify, whichever we decide, with your help, is the perfect platform for your website. Your existing website however, cannot be carried over to a new CMS, but should you be attached to your existing design, our designers can closely close it in your new CMS.

We keep your existing site live during the entire process, until it’s ready to go live, to ensure your customers can always find you.

Who will handle server hosting? Does this come at an additional rate?

We can handle server hosting. You’ll receive two quotes from us: one for hosting, and one for our website design services, at the same time. We’ll base our choice of server on the volume of traffic your site is likely to generate and receive, and the functionality of your website. We can also support you to upgrade your server setup, as your business grows, and your website is adapted and developed further.

Our previous/existing suppliers also host the business’s email hosting. Could you help here also?

Yes, absolutely. We’ve helped clients move email hosting countless times, and we’re happy to help support your business through this delicate process. This is a project not to be entered into lightly, and one that requires planning and time. We’ll first help you to streamline your email set-up, to help you optimise email across your whole organisation, and ensure you transfer only the essential data you’re going to need in the future, to keep your systems simple and speedy. Then we’ll tackle the technical nitty gritty.

Our previous/existing suppliers host our website, and/or secured our domain on our behalf. What can we do? Can you help?

We can move over hosting and domains very easily. First, we identify the essential details we need from your existing suppliers, and once they’ve responded to your request for these details, we’ll begin the technical process.

At The Marketing Optimist, we believe you should keep hold of your domain registration, and allow access to suppliers like us when needed, so we’ll ensure your domain is registered to senior business personnel. We’ll be there to support you with anything domain related, and will handle your hosting, server set-up, and maintenance.

Will my business be committed to a particular contract length?

Initially, you’ll be working with us for the duration of the website design and development process. This time scale can vary enormously depending on the size and depth of your site, but the duration of your project will be identified in the earliest planning stages.

However, once your new website is built, we suggest further SEO support, on a 12-month basis, to manage your optimisation (helping you remain competitive in your market, accelerating lead generation and conversion), and keep the site maintained. Though we provide a full optimisation process in the final step in our 5 stage approach to our website design services, optimisation isn’t a one time, “suck it and see” endeavour, it requires careful management. See our SEO service page for more information.

Please note, there are no strings attached to our web design and development service, and you will not be automatically “tied into” extended SEO support.

If we’re handling your website hosting, you’ll be invoiced annually.

Who will my business be working with?

Initially you’ll have meetings with Founder, Richard Michie, and Content and SEO Manager, Chis Fox, who will form the strategy for your website design and build, ensuring your new website will perfectly represent and position your brand and offering, and generate the leads or sales your existing website isn’t delivering.

Chris will be your point of contact throughout the process, supporting you across all things design/development, content, and optimisation, and acting as the middleman between you and our designers.

Do you hold regular meetings with us to discuss the progress of the project?

Absolutely. Your meetings with Founder, Richard, will help get the project started, and shortly after, meetings with Content and SEO Manager, Chris, will form the strategic basis of your new website, pulling from your expertise to inform our decision making.

We’re available for reactive zoom meetings, phone calls, and by email when you need us, and will arrange regular zoom meetings throughout the design and development process to update you on the progress of the project, attain your clearance at the various key stages, etc.